Monday, August 08, 2005

Swimming in the Pacific

...or, How to Jump Waves Whilst Antagonizing Surfers

So Jackie and I were sitting around watching lousy movies saturday morning and we had a conversation along the lines of:

M: I'm tired.
J: Me too.
M: Let's take Alex's car, hop the expressway down to Kochi, eat someplace really expensive, spend the night down there, catch the morning shopping market, then head west on Route 56 until we hit an appropriately attractive strip of beach, where we can stop to play in the water, then drive for hours and hours around the western side of Shikoku before finally stopping in Ozu to buy some crappy snacks and then catch the expressway home?
J: Yeah ok.

So we did.

It was pretty cool, there was a food/bar/thing called Jungri-La in Kochi where I drank imported european beer and ate some sort of shrimp-and-alligator stir fry. Then we went to an Italian restaurant and had pasta and pizza and a bunch of wine. Then we found a hotel and I crashed and was asleep relatively early though my parents called (ever notice people only ever call you right after you have fallen asleep?) and told me they were going to give me some money for the purposes of me having money as I wrap up my japanese adventure. Cool. Thanks parents, I shall use it wisely (and cut back on imported beer and alligator meat (Can you just see this image of me as some sort of crazed dilletante (did I spell that right?) eating alligator meat and expensive beer on a whimsical trip to the coast? That's so 1870's British Aristocratic Youngest Son)). Then I went back to sleep, cuz that's the best course of action in a strange city with limited time on your hands.

So next day, we went to market and it sucked so we stopped at dollar store and i bought some camo boxers because I had neglected to pack a swimsuit and my extra underwear was wet from me wading at the shitty beach fully dressed. Then we left Kochi and drove until we found a great little beach, I changed into my extra shorts and my running shorts that I had brought for the ocassion and went for a swim. The water was gorgeous blue, the waves were a few feet over my head and the temperature was perfect. Great time, great introduction to the pacific.

Then we drove and drove and drove and drove, with periodic stops at Conbini's for bathroom use and food.

We were going to go see Alison in Matsuyama but I was just too tired. So we didn't.

Then we watched Finding Neverland which was I guess okay but a little too warm-hearted for my cold-hearted sensibilities.

Look for Jackie's video blog to emerge some time in the near future. She just got a computer and is actually computer-savvy for someone of her generation. (snicker). She will likely get internet soon enough and plans to create a blog where she can post little 60-second film clips from her cell phone. We took a bunch on our trip. Could be interesting and funny. Might be shit. Will keep you posted, I suppose!

I guess that's all for now.

Oh, and I have a new plan. I would like to be a JET in Okinawa.
That bar place in Kochi is really cool. It has a nice amazon theme if I remember correctly. used to drive to Ozu every Wed for a year. taught the company men and women at their Matsushita Ozu branch.

I wish I could go with you guys, or vice versa. Me headed to Hokkaido.

Please tell Jackie uploading those videos may not work. Vodafone or the phone manufacturer (Sharp) decided to use a funny audio codec. The videos play fine, but you'll probably get no sound. And I miss her.
Yeah, thats the place, felt like the set to Survivor. The portions were massive, too. Too bad I may never see Kochi again I would like to go have a huge dinner in that place. Maybe my farewell party...

Anyway enjoy Hokkaido, post a lot of photos!

And yeah, we had to get a special codec to view jackie's vids but its no hassle, MS has it on their site. Easy auto-install.
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