Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Homepage Facelifts and My Last Week

Hey yo. So it is now wednesday of what is really my last week at work. Next week, I am technically working but will spend monday tues and wednesday cleaning my apartment (Read sleeping late and playing video games,then scrambling on wednesday).

I still havent finished my annual report nor my august version of News I, the newsletter I have to write. Curse you charley for your innovation! If you read this drop me a comment now and again! and seem to have both spit out brand new designs yesterday. A List Apart is perhaps the more important of the two, but the facebook change looks a lot slicker and more professional - did you know they are funded by the CIA? Did I post about that? I think it's funny.

So this week I am teaching my boss HTML. All his bosses keep coming up and telling me he is too dumb and won't understand but he's got the basic idea down within 2days and we are going to start work on the nissen page whenever he finishes faffing and comes over here to work on it.

Last night dropped Alex's car off for him in Mino. about 90 mins away driving,took the midnight train home. The midnight train stopped in the Mishima station and then didnt start again. They kept asking us to wait a bit longer and finally like an hour and a half goes by and they come down the aisle and ask me and jackie to take a cab, which they paid for. Apparently the train broke. Result is, it's 230 and we're in a taxi about an hour from home and I ask him could e please drive us to jackies apartment instead of to the station, cuz it:s not much farther and the other guy in the ab has to go to Saijo so its kinda on the way. He put up such a fight, he wanted to leave us in front of a deserted train station at 3am, and us falling over exhausted. The station is about a 30 min walk from jackie's so that would have just been v irritating. I was like "Are you serious? There are no other cabs here, it's 3am dude, just take us to where we have to go I will pay you the extra 300 yen of fare." and he was like "I am supposed to take you to Niihama station, I have no soul, oooooooooooo....." and so I punched him in the face and he finally drove us to jackie's, wisecracking the whole time about how far it was. The other guy in the car was pissed. Bad manners? Maybe. But no choice, jackie lives 3 blocks north of the street he had to take to Saijo, I can't believe he had issues with that request. Whatever.

So now I am tired and my stomach hurts and my eyes hurt. Do I whine too much? I think so. AT least I got most of my shopping done. I just gotta get stuff for family now. Blah. Work. More later, presumably.
Congratulations on surviving the internship! It's hard to believe you're coming home already, seems like just yesterday that I was cleaning the apartment to get it ready for you.

I'm going to be staying at OSU for grad school, and I know you've got another year so if you have time some time hopefully we can meet up and I can hear more about your adventures in Japan! Congrats again on making it through the year. Take care,

I like's re-design. The re-designs of other sites kinda make me want to re-design stuff.

By the way, did you seriously punch him in the face?

Yeah I cant wait to be in a place where I have regular internet access to do whatever I want, I gonna make me a nice site.

Charley, yeah I look forward to meeting you. Things wrapping up v soon and it's hitting me that I'll be going home soon, actually making me v sad in some ways.
Didja really punch the cabbie in the face? Mom
Hey Dude,
If you're thinking of making your own site, I just started making the transition from blog software to CMS. It's waaaaaaay better. Check out Mambo. It kicks ass.

I miss you.
Wow, you have a great blog going here. Nice. I will check back.
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