Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blog, blog, blog your life, dull though it may beee...

verily verily verily verily I say unto thee...

I am not so sure where that is coming from.

Last night was my goodbye party from Nissen, it was a lot of fun. It wasn't just me, one of the managers got a promotion and is going to another office far away, and one of the women is getting married and quitting, and there are two new guys. So the five of us were the guests of honor and sat with the president of the company during dinner. Nice big dinner course, lots of booze, etc. Very tasty, a lot of people came to talk to me and ask me about my life and plans and etc.

We also each had to get up and say something in front of everyone. When it was my turn I gave a perfunctory thank you speech, it was all very laid back and casual atmosphere. Then everyone started asking m questions, wouldnt let me sit down. Best experiences, favorite things I did, etc.

Then the president's hand came up and he asks "How many girlfriends did you have in Japan?" to which I replied "Too many" and moved to sit but one of the other managers asked me "What are the main differences between japanese girls and american girls?" and I was like "uhhh" and then my main boss raised his hand and I was all relieved and he was like "Yes, we all want to know, please tell us."

At which point I said, "Sumimasen, nihongo ga wakarimasen." which means "Sorry, I dont understand japanese" and bowed and had a seat. It was fun.

After the dinner, one of the managers I didn't know too well kindly invited me out for drinks with some of the other guys and we had a good time. Some things about japan I will miss greatly.

Alison left wednesday morning. I am going to build her a website. At some point. For her art. At her goodbye party on tuesday night I accidentally used the old kendo shove on her and threw her across the parking lot. Then I accidentally hit jackie in the head twice with joshka's monk walking stick/sword. Hermmm...mayhaps I shouldn't be telling that story too loud.

TONIGHT, it being Thursday the 11th of August, I am going to hop (that means board) the ferry to Osaka with Jackie and we shall embark upon a quest to the great city. We arrive friday morning and spend the day doing whatever it is poor people do in Osaka. Then we go meet zach at the airport and take him out for a feast. Then the three of us find a love hotel (don't ye be gettin any ideas!) and spend the night in Osaka, then Saturday we catch a train to Nara.

Nara was the first permanent capital of Japan, before it moved to Kyoto and now Tokyo. At Nara, one can see Todaiji, which might just be the biggest and I am pretty sure is the oldest wooden structure in the world. Massive massive massive temple, the photos I have seen make it look like the sand crawler from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. There are also herds of wild deer there that chase after people. Sounds like a blast, ne?

So then in Nara we meet with Tricia and sleep in another love hotel (look, they're cheap, ok?) and then Sunday jackie returns to Osaka to catch a bus to Niihama. Zach and I, on the other hand, will buy a super train ticket in Nara and ride to Tokushima, which is on Shikoku. There we shall spend two days participating in a drunken dance festival. Everyone at work urges me to attend, they say if I dont go to the tokushima dance festival then the year is wasted. So that should be fun. I guess the whole they dance they sing "Fools are dancing and fools are watching. Both are fools, so why not dance?" It's a fair point.

So then monday or tuesday we catch a train from Tokushima to Niihama. The train system in Shikoku is kinda dismal, so itll take us a few hours to wind around from Tokushima to Niihama. By a few hours I mean a long, long time. Like 8 hours. But it's cool cuz we can sight-see and such.

So then zach and I will have a grand old time and then he will leave for Tokyo. By bicycle. Good luck with that, chief.

Anyway, that's a wrap. Stay tuned for next time on...

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