Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And that, as they say...

Hey gang. Are you a gang? By saying "hey gang," am I somehow intrinsically implying a relation between the various readers of this humble journal?

The picture on the right is from the drinking party the company had after we mountain climbed, that's senba-san next to me, I work with her. like, finished. I have gotten the homepage as far as it will go, my boss has told me there is nothing more for me to do until they send me new information to update the old stuff, and nobody has sent me anything of the sort. So I dunno if I count as a disgrace or not, I kinda blame my boss cuz he was supposed to ask for new information for me months ago and didn't do it until last week. But I don't reeeally care.

So. Here is how my last month is going to shape up.
Other than that, it's vague. Arrive in Chicago 2 hours before I left, 9am on Monday (Labor Day) Morning. Back to NR. Move into cbus aptmt on Basil's birthday, Sept 9. See White Stripes in Cleveland with Dan on Sep 14. General chilling.
Wow. She's really pretty. Do they all look like that?
Hi - I really like your website. I have one on martial art technique here is the link to it. Come visit it and let me know what you think.
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