Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Welcome to Hotel Raizan Minamikan/ Rooms

Welcome to Hotel Raizan Minamikan/ Rooms

That's not too bad, this place has a one-month stay for about 500 bucks. This is in the middle of Osaka. That could be a killer vacation.

So this is the hotel where I am making reservations for karen and myself when we do Osaka/Kyoto this coming weekend.

Plans are a vague mix of as-follows:

Osaka Aquarium (world famous, has a whale shark.), Maybe Osaka Castle, American Village, Namba, various siteseeing and eating. She gets in at 6 so figure our night won't really start til 8 so I think the aquarium may have to wait until Sunday, actually. Saturday night, Pat is eager to hang out so perhaps we will do that.

Kyoto. Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, etc etc etc. Nijojo. Karen apparently bought an expensive camera so perhaps I will post some photographs.

Osaka Aquarium, early lunch/late breakfast, Ferry. Ferry leaves at one. In retrospect that is kind of a really rough schedule, only one full day for sightseeing in the Kansai district. Anyway, ferry arrives in Niihama at 8. Alex has agreed to meet us at the ferry port. Then it's to my apartment where I make karen help me carry a bed for her over from my other apartment. Hopefully the roaches stay dead and don't become roach-zombies, that would suck.

Monday: I work, karen sleeps. Perhaps dinner?
Tuesday: I work, Karen gets a tour of Niihama.
Wednesday: I work, Karen gets a tour of Imabari.
Thursday, Friday afternoon: I work, Karen...I dunno, she'll figure something out.
Friday night: I get paid friday and Alex is letting me use his car for the weekend so miscellaneous adventuring shall ensue. Matsuyama? Pacific Coast? Takamatsu? random movies and beer?

The following week, I work while karen does whatever it is she is going to be doing (with any luck, shopping for food and making my apartment comfortable, bwahaha) during the day and then we have miscalenous short-range adventures at night. At some point Ayako said she would like to hang out.

On Wednesday of that week, the 6th I believe, Karen gets to wear a kimono and drink tea while little old ladies take pictures of her.

That following weekend...Friday is 88cent beer night, Saturday is the new star wars movie and sunday is recuperation day. Jackie leaves Saturday.

Interesting, when is Hiroshima? Maybe we will do Hiroshima the weekend of the first. Yes, that is what we will do. Then Jackie can come too. That schedule forthcoming. Alex wanted to do hiroshima too but he has suddenly got plans the weekend of the 9th which is when we woulda done it. Hmm.

So anyway that leaves a few more days. I will work work work. Karen leaves from Osaka on Thursday at 1, so I will try to get the website to the point where they let me take Wednesday and Thursday off.

And that is Karen's Japan adventure. She gets massive points for being the only one to come visit. All the rest of you fools are gonna have work hard to make up for that. ;)

And yeah, that's a short blupdate but so it goes. Most of my energy right now, in terms of blogs, is directed a side-project:

Check it out. If you think it sounds interesting, by all means join in. It is never too early or too late, with this kind of project you can jump in in the middle and it's no big deal.

Peace for now,
I visited motherfucker.

How dare you imply i didn't on my birthday even. You bastard.

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting my return to the US. Let's trade Japan stories over American beer back in Columbus.
Ha ha, good point, I apologize - Brian and Toshi also came to visit. You guys get half a point each cuz you are already in Japan ;).
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