Saturday, May 07, 2005

(web)space oddity


Really tired. At work on a Saturday. Mild diarrhea. Don’t want to eat. All very odd.

This past week was golden week. That means it was a week made out of gold. No ha-ha I am just kidding. It was a week-long vacation. I went camping. With friends. At a hippy-rave on an active volcano. Nobody fell in. No drugs. Booze. Not much, though. Didn’t really socialize. Am feeling odd. Sat around with standard posse. Alex v funny. Alison v funny. Jackie v funny. Me crashed early both nights. Dolphins on the way there. Was cool. Jumped through ferry wake. My sentences underlined. That one not but should be as underlined is transitive but no object. That one no. That one yes. This hypnotic. Trying not to use subjects.

Or verbs. One or the other.

I couldn’t possibly be as tired as this entry seems could I? Last night watched movies. Starsky and Hutch was funny, also an old Kirk Douglass/Tony Curtis bit. I watched a good deal of Tony Curtis in tights/tunics skipping across the screen in homoerotic historical epics when young, but never did see this one, The Vikings. I was wondering what ever happened to him and apparently he is still alive, short and fat and doing this and that with the occasional appearance in that or this. Surreal. Underline.

So what is new with all of you? Happy Easter or am I late? Time has lost meaning.
Time passes
Lunch is now over. Is Saturday but was not sent home early. Why not? Because my boss called in sick and so there is nobody to send me home early. Boohiss. I wrote my march report that was good. Now to edit it but fuck that.

I crashed at Jackies last night but couldn’t find the razor I had stashed there so I have a week’s facial hair at work today. I look savage. Have taken to growling and eating raw meat with me hands.

I liked in the Vikings whenever you see Viking HQ its just all these big hairy men playing tug-of-war over a pit of fire or throwing axes at their wives or chaining people in the water and always with a hearty guffaw no matter what happens. It is so funny. “This is our fidelity test!” (woman dragged in, hair in three braids. Braids stretched out and nailed to board. Drunk husband throwing axes to cut braids.) “What if she is innocent?” “Then he will cut the braids! HAHAHA” “Well what if she is guilty?” “Then he’ll kill her! HAHAHA!” (drunk husband throws twice, misses braids and bride) “What if he misses with the last axe?” “Then we kill him! HAHAHA!”

The tug-of-war over a pit of flame was perhaps my favorite scene in the film as it is just a background distraction not even noticed by any characters – its just what Vikings do in their free time. I love it.

Irritated that me boss called in sick. Technical. That was a spelling check.

Read a bunch of Dan’s old college papers about 2001 and Eyes Wide Shut. I didn’t like them but know he is smarter than me so am dreading the thought of reading my old papers on the same topic. I feel I am so much hot air and have been and want when I get back to write genuine papers with genuine research and with genuine drafts and whatnot. They were nominating me for outstanding senior in the English department when I was but a wee sophomore and I think maybe it is time I did some work because I could be that guy if I just tried. I think. I’d rather try my ass off and not get some silly award than get it without trying, ya know? Or maybe not, it would be gratifying as all hell to have me name on a plaque at college AND high school. I’m such a nerd.

Toshi is coming to visit me next week, I look forward to it greatly. We are going to bum around Matsuyama and stay at an Onsen hotel and visit Matsuyama Castle and etc etc. Life is good.

So I started watching this anime Samurai Champloo about which I have heard this and that. It’s from the guys who did Bebop but instead of a sort of futuristic bounty hunter commentary on jazz it is a samurai tale put to hiphop. What I like most about it is that it uses hiphop not just as a soundtrack but as a sort of structural foundation, much in the way bebop did with Jazz. It seems to look at hiphop and say “well what makes hiphop hiphop and how can we apply that principle to animation and story telling?” and at least in the first episode the central thing I saw them doing was using the idea of scratching discs as sort of a playing with time, right, because you rewind and shit and so they splice together scenes going on at the same time by scratching back and changing over, its like its arranged by a DJ. Very cool. Much in the way bebop used Jazz quoting (playing something by someone else that is famous and simply putting a bit of ad hoc improve into it) I expect Champloo to use hiphop sampling, which is similar but with more emphasis on the synthetic element. And I read on a message board that the end to Champloo sucks which means I will likely enjoy it.

Also the animation is top notch perhaps the best fighting Ive seen tho the bebop movie was damn good. First 4 dvds out in the states check em out seems interesting enough and also very sad perhaps.

I wish I had an anime friend here. Maybe Joshka eh? I do know that that stupid aussie chick was all about anime but she kinda blew me off. I was all excited, guess I came on too strong. Still, I don’t like being blown off, doesn’t sit well with me.

I have an odd pulsing headache behind my right ear. I wonder if I have a tumor and any minute it will eat my brain? All in all I am not so into camping.
Go to and then click Médias. Let me know if you need any help translating from the French, even though I doubt that you will since you'll find there are a lot of cognates. Here is a very late but spectacular birthday gift for you--enjoy...

i got to the part where alex was v funny, alison was v funny, and jackie was v funny and stopped reading.
i know what people think about the rest of the group that traveled to aso and since i failed to appear on your "v funny" list, i must be one of them. THANKS.

i don't need you to tell me i'm v funny anyway.

v tricia.
You whine too much.
good god i am tired of the whining thing. yah, i had a bit of a whining phase, but i do not whine a lot. i don't. that's all there is to it. we all fell into our roles and somehow i got stuck with the whiner cause i guess i was having a rough time back there along the way or something, but it's done and i thought we bonded on the trip some cause i just let shit go and i didn't talk too much and i went on my own and didn't ask for much, cept the cakes for the birthday but that's different and besides it was my idea, so like, dude, where's the love? what do i have to do for you to accept me? everyone else has. it's like, be my friend already, i'm not that bad and i just wanna have fun and be funny and i'm not whining as much as i used to, sweartogod. in fact, i'll start talking about you in my blog too, cause you're not invisible, like i usually pretend you are, you do exist. my coffee was way too strong this morning. you should come over for coffee sometime. fool.
I love you Trisha. You are just upset because I didn't say you were v funny. And you weren't, you were kinda quiet. I had fun. I didn't talk about you in my blog. But doesn't this all seem kinda 3rd grade? When should I come over for coffee?
okay reminder: i teach junior high and senior high. of course i have adolescent tendencies (...3rd grade, though?).
well anyway i was just having fun. comment-conversation is exciting cause it's ongoing and drawn out. and you can hide behind a screen. or i can. and who else am i gonna talk to? the internet gets lonely with too many quizzes, too much fark, too much blogging...

coffee gotta wait till after tokyo, friend. but i just got some in the mail from my parents for my birthday. the whole staff room smelled like hazelnut and french vanilla and i came a little on the teacher next to me.
good times..
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