Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Spring Time Blog

Seeing as it's almost summer I thought I'd switch to something a bit more lively and upbeat for me blog. Still kinda tweaking it but what do you think? All based on some other template, none of which particularly suit me but so it goes.

So yeah, welcome to the new Japanese Adventures! It's bright, it's lively, it's...mainly orange and white!

And hopefully I've done away with the various glitches that were plaguing my previous design thanks to all the random modding I had done.


It goes without saying it looks better on firefox, if only for various :hover effects.

So yeah.

What to talk about? Is this the long update I promised? I am not feeling particularly angsty or thoughtful, so that leaves me vaguely concerned that I cannot fulfill my obligations to you, vis a vis our relationship as blogger-bloggee. Specifically, I tremble in trepidation, stumble in synchronicity (ha! gotcha! That not only makes no sense but doesn't even fit the context - I used the word synchronicity strictly because I rather enjoy the Jungian concept of that name and wanted something that starts with S) etc right so can I be entertaining or at least interesting? Maybe acidic?

Latest thoughts.

Are some people just better than others? As good, left-leaning nonfascist progressives, rich in youth and blessed with education, our first response is a sort of knee-jerk NO!!!!

But...what if it is true? What if some people are simply more worthwhile? Allow me to spell out a theory, not one which I embrace necessarily but just a sort of theoretical breakdown of how elitism could progress. I want you to comment, and either support or oppose this theory, this outlook, with arguments and evidence. Please.


I can line up all the people I know and some of them, to me, have a spark, have the sort of bright-eyed interested look that tells me that in interacting with them adventures can be found. Other people (most people?) have glassy eyes which bespeak of dullness (did I use the word bespeak right?).

At first I thought this was a question of intelligence where there are smart people and there are dumb people but frankly that's not true. The line has nothing to do with intelligence, education, skills, etc - merely with interest. The people I put into group A - Bright-Eyed, like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes - don't necessarily have to know anything or even be particularly intelligent; they simply are interested in life. The other people aren't.

This is all rather vague I know. It also naturally runs into the inevitable question of where we are each placed. This is not an exact science - I suspect on some level all I am really doing here is breaking people into groups based on impressions of my friends, perhaps. But, I think I really do think my friends are better people than most. Is it democratic? No. But I enjoy the company of my friends and not the company of most other people.

So does this speak more about me, social anxiety and inability to relate? Or is there some merit to this theory of prejudice?

I hesitate to post this as it is vague, poorly explained and paints me a bigot. But maybe I am - in fairness, there are people whose company I enjoy and people whose company I dont enjoy.

solipsism or observation?

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