Tuesday, May 17, 2005

David Hayter

David Hayter

David Hayter not only voices Solid Snake and Spike Speigal (thats a lot of S's) but wrote the X-Men 2 movie? I noticed that on the ending credits the other night and finally remembered to check to see if it was him. Guess it was.
interesting find. what a guy.

how have you guys been? I have been busy and working six-day weeks. hardly time to breath, leave alone having a social life. -todd.
oops.. two typos in a row.

"...breathe, let..." I hate not being able to edit. ^_^
Chiba is cool. I am once again as far away from "civilization" as possible. it's a summer town really with surfers' beaches right next to me and a 99-mile shoreline. been working 6 days a week and no social life at all. a different japan experience, maybe i can finally save some money.
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