Sunday, May 29, 2005

Greetings, salutations, and all manner of perfunctory preamble. How do the last days of may find you?

I can't believe it is almost June. That means I have three months left out here. Madness. I am itching for a sort of all-american eating spree where I hit up like 15 of my favorite restaurants in columbus in the course of an afternoon. Who is with me? Who will be around?

So it is looking like teaching english in China seesm to be the new hip trendy thing to do for the up-and-coming of the intellectual elite. Japan is so passe, in Japan you can save money, but in China you can make 500 dollars a month and live like a king without having to worry about saving money for going home cuz you arent making enough to save. I kinda like that. Maybe I will go to China after college, following in the prestigious footsteps of Emily Patterson and Kate Grible and I would say Dan Jones but that seems to have fallen through. That's cool, what is it about the east that draws us? I think it might be that the most savage elements of their history were long enough ago that there is a sense of peace and enlightenment pervading the east during the age of "western history" from rome to now that was sort of, ya know, violent? I dunno.

Not Japan, though, Japan was always violent and a little mad. Nutters, they are.

But, what use have I for a rumination on the comparative merits of the various longitudes? None, I say, none! and so onward oneward Iwe press.

So last thursday I had a meeting with the upper level of management about the web work I have been doing. I did the "proper" web thing and separated content from style entirely, extracted all of the content into a word file and asked them to check it for me to tell me what needed to be updated. The plan then is that once I have a "correct" set of content, I can simply treat that as its own object and drop it into whatever web page style I feel like designing - or, more relevantly, I can drop it in to several styles and have them be completely unrelated but have the content the same. This is the New Big Thing in web design that has been evolving for years. You can now do RSS feeds of websites which basically extract just the content from pages and post it wherever you want it - content has become an object.

So, I print up the content object to go over first, and they kinda flip out that I would do this. There were no photos, no background, I think they were kinda scared that I had essentially destroyed their website by removing all the images. It took me forever to explain what I was doing and when I was done they looked at me skeptically and told me that if I wanted them to look at my content I had to put it in the page and print the whole thing out - in color! - for them to see. I tried to explain that I couldn't really make the page without knowing what content they wanted, but they proved implacable. So now I gotta kinda actually make the page and then add the content and then get it all to print out - which is harder than it sounds cuz I have some really basic scripts in the page that round corners on divs and the like so it looks good when it is on the screen but screen style and print style are two separate things and basically I can't print it to look like that. Unless I were to take a screenshot, hmmm...

So then I showed them what I had been working on and they were like "Wow! That's liek a whole new webpage, that's great!" and I was like "Well...wasn't I supposed to be making a whole new webpage?" But whatever. So basically what we are sitting on now is, I need to input the content into my design and then take screenshots of the basic outline and print it all up and then they can check the content. Rather silly and backwards and will take time, but at least there is a process.

Number two thing is, starting wednesday I begin my various tours of various plants across Japan. Wednesday I am in Osaka, Thursday and Friday in Kyushuu, and next week in Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama. There, I will take photographs and basically get the information I need for the little popup sites I want to make for each facility. It'll be good but I gotta get my idea approved and it could be a hassle? Anyway I am looking forward to it.

I am very scared that all of my webwork is ultimately not going to be used and that due to various beaurcratic forces I will not have time to finish this. Were everything cut and dry, I could easily simply enter the content and be done in 3 days. What I want more than anything is for someone to sit down with me and simply tell me what is true and what is false and then I could put it all in and then fill in the blanks in terms of what new content I need. But that is too much to ask because nobody wants to be associated with the website unless it has universal approval and so I am sort of sitting on my ass learning web design tricks on the web and irritations in the office. And it is my fault for not aggressively pursuing the things that needed to be done with the website. I have spent two months basically teaching myself a LOT about web design and the like but it is of course in the end not all that much; what I should have been doing is hunting down the people whose help I need, one at a time. We will see how this goes, I have two months left in this company. Gulp.

In other news, yesterday was a Walk. I had thought it was like a charity walk thing so I volunteered when they asked me, and I go and it was like a pro-Japan pro-Health walk where everyone just sort of stretched together like they do in school and then walked 4 or 7 kilometers. It was soooo herd mentality - everyone there was wearing the same sort of casual but not too casual clothing and a hat - every fucking head in the entire place was covered by a hat and you just knew that everyone that morning had thought "If I don't wear a hat I will get sunstroke and besides everyone else will think I am weird for not wearing a hat" and so of the 500 people that were there I was the only uncovered head. Weird.

I met up with some girls from work when I got there and we walked together. They kept asking me about girls and what type of girl I like and do I like anyone right now and all this middle school stuff. It's kinda funny and kinda cute and kinda annoying, I know the one likes me. I play myself off like a playboy trying to play innocent - they know I have a lot of female friends and they keep asking if I like one of them and I tell them I like all of them and that indeed I love everyone. They take that to mean I sleep around. They ask me why I am a "baddo bo-i" and I tell them that it's just that my heart is incapable of feeling anything but love for anyone. Then they laughed and the one that liked me rubbed my stomach and told me I was fat but not too fat, to which I reply that I am skinny in America and that I am hungry. Topics change.

I do not believe in tense. I want to establish that right now, if only so you can throw it in my face when I correct your tense agreement when you slip up.

Am fantasizing about Playstation 3 and the new Metal Gear 4 which just makes my heart sing.

Am living with Zach next year, don't think I posted that on here yet. We gonna listen to sad music and play poker and watch each other play video games. Excited. Zach and I have a relationship that is antagonistic or at least irritated almost as often as friendly, so he is the closest I have to a brother at OSU. We understand each other pretty well I think, though I am not sure why as he is not my closest friend but simply one who usually knows what I am thinking. I think ultimately we are very similar albeit he more aggressive and I more pretentious. As a result he is secure in the "knowledge" that he is stronger than me whereas I am secure in the "knowledge" that I am better than him. It works out well. I hope the place is big enough. ;)

So I thought I had three more quarters of scholarship left. I thought this because they told me I had three more quarters of scholarship left. They told me this because I tried to get scholarship for the summer and they said it involved a lot of hoops I had not jumped through; I said "no, thats not right, I got scholarship the summer of my freshman year and I didnt jump through any hoops." They said "no, you didnt, we dont know where that money came from but you have only used 9 quarters of scholarship." "Oh, I said, not ten [ed note: I do realize that one through nine are to be spelled out and that 10+ can be written in numerals, but I just reversed that. Do you care? Bugger off you tit!]? Does that mean that I have three more quarters of full tuition?" "Yes," they said. "Cool," I said.

But now they tell me I only have two more quarters because I have used ten. I don't disbelieve it as I sorta figured that money I got didnt come out of nowhere, but fuck them for fixing their paperwork after selling me on the lie. This means I gotta get the bulk of my classes out of the way and finished by the end of winter quarter. I will take 30 hours in the fall and 30 in the winter and that SHOULD do it but it won't be any fun. Then I will enroll part time in the fall and summer taking 4 hours each time of Thesis writing so that I can write my senior honors thesis about solipsism and narcissism in modernist literature. I need to write a thesis to graduate with distinction and I need to take at least 8 hours of the thesis writing thing to do that. I can probably win enough money to fund that. Then basically I have to find a job in a computer lab where I can earn 8 dollars an hour to sit and write my thesis for 60 hours a week. Through spring and summer.

Then I will graduate in the summer of 2006, which may make me too late for JET 2006. Hmm.

I much preferred the schedule where I took 30 hours a quarter for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters and then graduated with distinction in the spring, having written my thesis while participating in standard courseloads.

I could just drop out I suppose, what do you think of that?

Anyway, yeah, that is school. That means I may have to change the schedule on the right to include more science. Fuck. And I may just not take fifth year Japanese. What do you think of that?

Karen will be here in less than a month. Karen, bring some gnutella, I have the oddest craving for it.

That is all you get though my mind feels as though I could go on. I am stopping not for any reason, but for no reason.

"I can't see the end of me -
My whole expanse I cannot see;
I formulate infinity
Stored deep inside of me..."

Monday, May 23, 2005


Hey gang. Figure it’s about time for a blog update. This is weird, I all of a sudden have gotten terribly self-conscious about this blogging business and I am not altogether sure why. I suddenly can’t bring meself to write with the care-free light-hearted adventurous spirit that so aptly characterized my earlier posts. Now I am all of a sudden stressing about who is reading this and what it might make them think of me. What the fuck?

But, I will give it a go! This weekend was a lot of fun, Toshi and Mirai came to visit me in Matsuyama. We stayed in a hotel by Dogo Onsen, which is the oldest bath in Japan (3000 years and they still haven’t changed the water!). The whole Onsen (Public Bathing) thing is really popular here, so it’s kinda something that this hot spring has been used for 3000 years. Big tourist attraction, sorta down the street from me.

So anyway, Saturday I met them at the train station and then we went to the hotel and we drank and then ate a massive, massive feast. Then napped, drank, bathed in the hotel onsen several times in various order before finally cashing in our chips for the evening.

Next morning we got up nice and early and had a breakfast almost as massive as the previous night’s dinner. It was delicious. Then we went to the actual Dogo Onsen, which is in an old building (the building itself isn’t 3000 years old, of course…it’s only a few hundred years old, making it somewhat new and tacky…) (…) It was really pretty, just massive wooden construction. The biggest surprise was how small the actual onsen was – easily the smallest public bath I have been to in Japan, with maybe like 8 little shower heads on the side and a pool with about half the area (albeit twice the depth) of your standard onsen pool. It was hot. So we sat around there for an hour. There was a yakuza, too, with a big tattoo of a naked woman looking very sad on his back. That was the first time I have seen one of the famous yakuza tats, they are generally prohibited in the baths in Niihama.

Then we went to Matsuyama Castle, one of the more famous castles around, apparently. It is really old and really massive and sits on this huge hill in the center of matsuyama. You have to take a cable car to get to the top, and from there it’s a winding 10 minute trek to the inside of the gate. There was a gate with no door right by the main gate, which confused me. The sign said “Doorless Gate: Built to Confuse Invading Enemies,” but I take that as a sign that the people making signs didn’t know what it was for either.

So like, I live in Ehime, Matsuyama is the capital of Ehime, it’s 2 bucks and an hour and a half bus ride away, and all this time I had never gone to Matsuyama castle. Two weeks ago, they started renovations, which will be going on for a year. We went into the castle, but the whole thing is covered on the outside with scaffolding and canvas and so the famous view from the top was completely obscured. Kinda put a damper on the experience.

Anyway, after that we went to this café that I know about from previous misadventures where the proprietress remembered my friend who took me there and was nice to us. We had some pita sandwiches. Afterwards, Toshi had beer, Mirai had sweets, and I had both, making me sort of a gender-bender in the after-lunch ingestion department. Toshi shook his head disapprovingly at my sweet tooth but there was whipped cream and cranberry sauce to go with my scone and the whole thing sat well enough with my Guinness, which she just happens to carry at this little shop in the middle of nowhere matsuyama. I rather like Guinness.

Then we did some strolling and made it to the train station. I was getting ready to see them off when they noticed that the bus about to leave was bound for Niihama, so we made our hasty goodbyes and I hopped the bus, trusting them that it was indeed Niihama-bound. It was.

And that was my Matsuyama Bath Adventure. It was really great to see Toshi and Mirai again – they are the first physical reminder I have had that all those people I left behind were real. Toshi and Mirai, if you guys are reading this, thanks very much for coming all the way out to Ehime to see me, it was great! If you are still around when I go to Tokyo we will go have a few drinks.

Other news. Okay. Read this article. If it excites you, warms your heart, makes you think that maybe humanity can pull the occasional rabbit out of its generally dull, dirty hat, then here’s the deal. We are doing a Finnegans Wake reading. It will start this summer, and it will be based in Columbus. Dan is sort of heading it up for now, though I actually hope to sort of keep it going perpetually. The cyclical nature of the text is perfect for that.

“Wait a second, Myk…aren’t you, uh, kinda far away for that to be relevant to your current lifestyle?”

Well, you would think so, wouldn’t you. But, here is my idea. Finnegans Wake, as is written in the introduction to the Penguin edition, challenges our notion of the “ideal reader.” The ideal reader for finnegans wake speaks 40 languages, has a profound understanding of various fields from art history to cosmology to horse racing, is sensitive to both male and female sensibilities, and in a thousand other ways is nothing that a single reader could be. In short, the text was written for a group – a large group, the more people the better; in fact, the more diverse the better. Ideally, finnegans wake is to be read in tandem, in a sort of half-drunken unison, by a cross-section of humanity. What nobody seems to have really realized here is that this is essentially asking for an internet distribution and reading system – ie, WikiWake.

Yes, this is my dream. The wiki format, which essentially means that content is user-driven (see wikipedia for the most famous example) is perfect for the wake. I want to create a WikiWake website where people interested in finnegans wake can come and listen to the interpretations and ideas of their peers – and of course, where they can add their own ideas as well. The basic sense I am getting of this is that we would create an online community dedicated to a sort of perpetual reading of Finnegans Wake. My plan for the summer, as part of this group effort, is to type up the Wake and post it chapter by chapter as we discuss it. Now, I realize that there are already various internet texts – that’s not the point, I want to type it. The challenge awaiting me when I return to the states is going to be the creation of the actual WikiWake Site, where readers can come and comment on the text. The logistics could prove a bit tricky but I am up to the challenge. I want to do it well.

Then, if this all actually works, I am going to use it as winning entrant in the 2006 Denman Undergraduate Research thing and win a big prize. I am going to contact me old professor soon and ask for his blessing in this endeavor.

The summer reading group, then, is actually my test-run for an online international reading of The Wake, which, if it works, will serve as evidence in my grant application for the thing I am planning to set up. This is actually a Really Good Idea. I am very proud of it. Please do not steal it. Instead, please participate. We have set up a page for the summer at and from there we will launch our first assault. The text is challenging but rewarding – you probably won’t understand more than a tiny bit the first time through, especially without the benefit of Sebastian Knowles at the helm, but I promise you it will be fun. Especially if you are in the Columbus area – they are going to be having meetings and reading the wake as it is meant to be read, out loud in a group with a few beers. I really would like to get this ball rolling and have it work, if not for the WikiWake idea then at least to have a group going for the continued enjoyment of this text. We could turn it into a student organization even, have weekly meetings and get school funding.

What do you all think?

Also, moving on, I have come to a decision. I want to go to graduate school in New York City. Whether this will be immediately after graduation or whether I go teach English in Japan for a year or two is still not decided, but I want to live in New York City and I want to go to graduate school in English Literature, probably modernist.

One of the things Toshi and I talked about was the difference between life in America and life in Japan, and one of the things we noticed was that one is really talking about life in non-big-city America vs life in non-big-city Japan. Once you are in the city, all of the differences are marginalized – life in Osaka and life in New York are going to have more in common than they have different. Surely cities have distinct flavors, but suddenly I see the world as an urban cosmopolis superimposed on suburban/rural/uneducated wilderness. I want to be in a citadel of culture. New York is going to be my home.

On a final note as I wrap this up (or am I?), I saw Closer last night. I really, really liked it, most of it was so real, the way they hurt each other and got hurt, the way they all played these games. It is, as Roger Ebert put it, a movie about four people who really deserve each other. Two couples, betrayals and love and lust and really the terror of life. Some scenes really really moved me. Makes me worry about the dating game. I wonder if I should date more. I could. Maybe I will? But I don’t want any more entanglements before I go home. My future is sort of very-slowly beginning to solidify, sort of the fragile crispy outer shell of the ice cube is forming, and it looks as though Japan will play a smaller part than once I thought. I like it here, I will vacation here in the future, but I need English too much to live here or start a serious relationship with a Japanese girl or anything. Even if my Japanese becomes perfect, I don’t like the language nearly as much as I have come to love English. When something is cool or wonderful or amazing or great or any number of superlative adjectives in English, it is “Sugoi!” in Japanese and that’s kinda it. English has layers of complexity that Japanese, for all its kanji, cannot give me. Japanese is beautiful in its own way, and I love the very idea of Kanji, but it is a pretty, artificial pond next to the ocean of English and that is that.

But who knows. I will keep up my language studies upon my return but my heart belongs to English and particularly Joyce these days. I will shrug it off as a pretension of my youth one day, perhaps, but for now I am not just content with it I am happy with it, thinking about the prospects of my WikiWake makes me glad. It makes me feel like I have a place, a thing to do.

And that was my update. What did you think? I think maybe one of my better ones, at least content-wise. I feel as though I have talked about many things, like every paragraph was saying something, as opposed to just using words. But maybe not. Does it feel forced? Writing it felt kinda forced in parts, but really free in others. Does that come across? I want to be a writer. I want to be a critic. I am looking forward to McHale’s lit crit class this fall. I am going to read The Language Instinct this summer. Everything is sort of falling into place, egad have I found a calling?

I have seen the near-future and it is pretension. But for its own sake, for art. What?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Wired News: Wright Hopes to Spore Another Hit

Wired News: Wright Hopes to Spore Another Hit

Will Wright aims high. This is really interesting ona deep-ish level - we are talking about simulation of evolution, real-time etc.

Friday, May 20, 2005

adaptive path » ajax: a new approach to web applications

adaptive path » ajax: a new approach to web applications

This is the future of the internet, seems like one of the most important developments since...I dunno, data.

Designing the Future - Newsweek Technology -

Designing the Future - Newsweek Technology -

Design meets sustainability - interesting read, the future?


They say I can post to blogger using only email. I am going to see if
that is true.

Wow, it is true. The line above this, as well as the subject of this update, were sent from my email. This means that were I so inclined I could update my blog from my phone. Nifty.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Spring Time Blog

Seeing as it's almost summer I thought I'd switch to something a bit more lively and upbeat for me blog. Still kinda tweaking it but what do you think? All based on some other template, none of which particularly suit me but so it goes.

So yeah, welcome to the new Japanese Adventures! It's bright, it's lively, it's...mainly orange and white!

And hopefully I've done away with the various glitches that were plaguing my previous design thanks to all the random modding I had done.


It goes without saying it looks better on firefox, if only for various :hover effects.

So yeah.

What to talk about? Is this the long update I promised? I am not feeling particularly angsty or thoughtful, so that leaves me vaguely concerned that I cannot fulfill my obligations to you, vis a vis our relationship as blogger-bloggee. Specifically, I tremble in trepidation, stumble in synchronicity (ha! gotcha! That not only makes no sense but doesn't even fit the context - I used the word synchronicity strictly because I rather enjoy the Jungian concept of that name and wanted something that starts with S) etc right so can I be entertaining or at least interesting? Maybe acidic?

Latest thoughts.

Are some people just better than others? As good, left-leaning nonfascist progressives, rich in youth and blessed with education, our first response is a sort of knee-jerk NO!!!!

But...what if it is true? What if some people are simply more worthwhile? Allow me to spell out a theory, not one which I embrace necessarily but just a sort of theoretical breakdown of how elitism could progress. I want you to comment, and either support or oppose this theory, this outlook, with arguments and evidence. Please.


I can line up all the people I know and some of them, to me, have a spark, have the sort of bright-eyed interested look that tells me that in interacting with them adventures can be found. Other people (most people?) have glassy eyes which bespeak of dullness (did I use the word bespeak right?).

At first I thought this was a question of intelligence where there are smart people and there are dumb people but frankly that's not true. The line has nothing to do with intelligence, education, skills, etc - merely with interest. The people I put into group A - Bright-Eyed, like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes - don't necessarily have to know anything or even be particularly intelligent; they simply are interested in life. The other people aren't.

This is all rather vague I know. It also naturally runs into the inevitable question of where we are each placed. This is not an exact science - I suspect on some level all I am really doing here is breaking people into groups based on impressions of my friends, perhaps. But, I think I really do think my friends are better people than most. Is it democratic? No. But I enjoy the company of my friends and not the company of most other people.

So does this speak more about me, social anxiety and inability to relate? Or is there some merit to this theory of prejudice?

I hesitate to post this as it is vague, poorly explained and paints me a bigot. But maybe I am - in fairness, there are people whose company I enjoy and people whose company I dont enjoy.

solipsism or observation?


David Hayter

David Hayter

David Hayter not only voices Solid Snake and Spike Speigal (thats a lot of S's) but wrote the X-Men 2 movie? I noticed that on the ending credits the other night and finally remembered to check to see if it was him. Guess it was.

Mike Davidson -- Interactive Design, Print Design, Brand Consulting

Mike Davidson -- Interactive Design, Print Design, Brand Consulting

This is an incredibly well-designed website. Just look at his top banner, it updates every two minutes with a photo of what I think is an island near Seattle which is where he seems to be based? Anyway yeah that and it updates the weather - and that's just sort of a gimmicky feature.

Now, what YOU will be interested in is his I-Pod Giveaway Contest. Nuff said, check it, and let me know if you have any ideas for the I-Pod in History but don't feel up to the challenge of creating it.

Also, I promise to have a long, rambling, ranting update soon. Many things heavy on my mind.

It starts. This isnt a hoax, is it?

PlayStation 3 announced for 2006 - News at GameSpot

Monday, May 16, 2005

BBC NEWS | Americas | US chastity ring funding attacked

BBC NEWS | Americas | US chastity ring funding attacked: "The Silver Ring Thing says more than 30,000 young people have committed themselves to premarital purity after attending the programme's three-hour presentations. "

I am glad to know that my government continues to pour money into such endeavors. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Also, it's reassuring to know that these seminars are three hours long. I mean, I have to admit I would find myself a tad skeptical if 30,000 young people with no life experience made emotional life-long pledges after only one or two hours of seminar. Way to go, Team Jesus!

I guess I would feel more comfortable about the budget these guys get if I knew that there was at least something there that said "But if you do, use a condom" but somehow I don't think that's what they're going for ("Congress first allocated money for abstinence-only programs in 1999, setting aside $80 million in grants, which go to a variety of religious, civic and medical organizations. To be eligible, groups must limit discussion of contraception to failure rates.").

There is even talk of a study at Texas A&M that shows that abstinance-only education is correlated with increased teen pregnancy and STD's. Lovely ne?

Why are we funding this? I am curious if not hopefull with regards to this law suit.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


originally uploaded by powerless.
I am trying to figure out this Flickr thing, its supposed to be the best thing that ever happened to photos online. This is an image I made this morning. Click it?

Hmm. That's unfortunate, it looks like I am unable to add more than one photo at a time like that?

At any rate, here, I will post a series of graphics. These represent my day's work today.






Wednesday, May 11, 2005 (EN) (EN)

Check out this site design. The content is nothing too grand but it is the first time I have seen a horizontal scroll bar put to good use, like it belongs. Interesting. Perhaps we will see more pages like this in the future?

Survey: do you guys like it when I post links in here to things I stumble upon, or would you rather I update my rants or nothing at all?



Fight of the Century, Pinker vs Spelke on (Nature + Nurture) vs Nurture in terms of why there are so few high level female mathematicians. This seems to be sort of the cutting edge in gender theory these days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Radio Ga-Ga

Confessions of a Listener

This is a whimsical article from someone who loves the radio.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Web 2.0 what? Interesting read.

Digital Web Magazine - Web 2.0 for Designers: "To summarize, these are what we see as the six main themes covering design in the Web 2.0 world:

1. Writing semantic markup (transition to XML)
2. Providing Web services (moving away from place)
3. Remixing content (about when and what, not who or why)
4. Emergent navigation and relevance (users are in control)
5. Adding metadata over time (communities building social information)
6. Shift to programming (separation of structure and style)"

The Huffington Post | The Blog

The Huffington Post | The Blog

John Cusack has a blog? And was friends with Hunter S Thompson? Hm, who knew?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

(web)space oddity


Really tired. At work on a Saturday. Mild diarrhea. Don’t want to eat. All very odd.

This past week was golden week. That means it was a week made out of gold. No ha-ha I am just kidding. It was a week-long vacation. I went camping. With friends. At a hippy-rave on an active volcano. Nobody fell in. No drugs. Booze. Not much, though. Didn’t really socialize. Am feeling odd. Sat around with standard posse. Alex v funny. Alison v funny. Jackie v funny. Me crashed early both nights. Dolphins on the way there. Was cool. Jumped through ferry wake. My sentences underlined. That one not but should be as underlined is transitive but no object. That one no. That one yes. This hypnotic. Trying not to use subjects.

Or verbs. One or the other.

I couldn’t possibly be as tired as this entry seems could I? Last night watched movies. Starsky and Hutch was funny, also an old Kirk Douglass/Tony Curtis bit. I watched a good deal of Tony Curtis in tights/tunics skipping across the screen in homoerotic historical epics when young, but never did see this one, The Vikings. I was wondering what ever happened to him and apparently he is still alive, short and fat and doing this and that with the occasional appearance in that or this. Surreal. Underline.

So what is new with all of you? Happy Easter or am I late? Time has lost meaning.
Time passes
Lunch is now over. Is Saturday but was not sent home early. Why not? Because my boss called in sick and so there is nobody to send me home early. Boohiss. I wrote my march report that was good. Now to edit it but fuck that.

I crashed at Jackies last night but couldn’t find the razor I had stashed there so I have a week’s facial hair at work today. I look savage. Have taken to growling and eating raw meat with me hands.

I liked in the Vikings whenever you see Viking HQ its just all these big hairy men playing tug-of-war over a pit of fire or throwing axes at their wives or chaining people in the water and always with a hearty guffaw no matter what happens. It is so funny. “This is our fidelity test!” (woman dragged in, hair in three braids. Braids stretched out and nailed to board. Drunk husband throwing axes to cut braids.) “What if she is innocent?” “Then he will cut the braids! HAHAHA” “Well what if she is guilty?” “Then he’ll kill her! HAHAHA!” (drunk husband throws twice, misses braids and bride) “What if he misses with the last axe?” “Then we kill him! HAHAHA!”

The tug-of-war over a pit of flame was perhaps my favorite scene in the film as it is just a background distraction not even noticed by any characters – its just what Vikings do in their free time. I love it.

Irritated that me boss called in sick. Technical. That was a spelling check.

Read a bunch of Dan’s old college papers about 2001 and Eyes Wide Shut. I didn’t like them but know he is smarter than me so am dreading the thought of reading my old papers on the same topic. I feel I am so much hot air and have been and want when I get back to write genuine papers with genuine research and with genuine drafts and whatnot. They were nominating me for outstanding senior in the English department when I was but a wee sophomore and I think maybe it is time I did some work because I could be that guy if I just tried. I think. I’d rather try my ass off and not get some silly award than get it without trying, ya know? Or maybe not, it would be gratifying as all hell to have me name on a plaque at college AND high school. I’m such a nerd.

Toshi is coming to visit me next week, I look forward to it greatly. We are going to bum around Matsuyama and stay at an Onsen hotel and visit Matsuyama Castle and etc etc. Life is good.

So I started watching this anime Samurai Champloo about which I have heard this and that. It’s from the guys who did Bebop but instead of a sort of futuristic bounty hunter commentary on jazz it is a samurai tale put to hiphop. What I like most about it is that it uses hiphop not just as a soundtrack but as a sort of structural foundation, much in the way bebop did with Jazz. It seems to look at hiphop and say “well what makes hiphop hiphop and how can we apply that principle to animation and story telling?” and at least in the first episode the central thing I saw them doing was using the idea of scratching discs as sort of a playing with time, right, because you rewind and shit and so they splice together scenes going on at the same time by scratching back and changing over, its like its arranged by a DJ. Very cool. Much in the way bebop used Jazz quoting (playing something by someone else that is famous and simply putting a bit of ad hoc improve into it) I expect Champloo to use hiphop sampling, which is similar but with more emphasis on the synthetic element. And I read on a message board that the end to Champloo sucks which means I will likely enjoy it.

Also the animation is top notch perhaps the best fighting Ive seen tho the bebop movie was damn good. First 4 dvds out in the states check em out seems interesting enough and also very sad perhaps.

I wish I had an anime friend here. Maybe Joshka eh? I do know that that stupid aussie chick was all about anime but she kinda blew me off. I was all excited, guess I came on too strong. Still, I don’t like being blown off, doesn’t sit well with me.

I have an odd pulsing headache behind my right ear. I wonder if I have a tumor and any minute it will eat my brain? All in all I am not so into camping.

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