Thursday, April 21, 2005


So maybe we should all just put all of our efforts into consolidating all power behind one marginally tolerable if still corrupt and power loving oligarchic centralized world government. That will provide if nothing else stability.

Stability is maybe even more important than I ever considered, if only for its implications for science and culture. When a people is unstable, and only worry about war and politics, they don't have time for art or science; on the other hand, with the spread of (generally) stability in the western world in the 20th century, look how much we've uncovered? Maybe Bush's "democracy" is the way to go, if only as a stopgap? Can you imagine, then, if he goes on to destroy "terrorists" and dissidents around the world and established a world-wide america-esque democracy? Can you imagine the scientific progress if the scientific community were to expand by 10,000%? We'd have maybe a decade of blood-stained conquest on our hands and then another 20 years to convert religion and tradition into quaint distincitive memories that give each region or people a unique history and don't play a role in the future as self-contained objects. Figure 50 years, if we devote our efforts and convert/teach the conquered. In 50 years, the earth could be a borg-like collective dedicated to understanding the universe. Imagine!

Or we could, ya know, sleep through physics class like I plan to do upon return. Tsk.

But it'd be damn cool!

Oh and they found the largest ever necropolis in egypt, 7 bodies 4 of them slaves buried alive, whole thing predates pyramids. And Burmese troops used Chemical weapons. I think maybe those two facts juxtaposed led to my ramblings this afternoon. And dan beat me at chess twice though the second game I dunno, it was at the most critical junction and I had 90 seconds and I rushed it and he won. I think I coulda won. next time.

Thanks for reading!
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