Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Weeeee wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas...

So let's see, so far this month we've done the new-employee thing and how thats a huge deal, we've done life in a zen monastary complete with whacking monks and harsh meals, we've done cherry blossoms...

Ya know I sometimes worry that I am spending too much of this journal on inner turmoil and not enough on Japan, but the cultural stuff IS in here, isn't it? It's just diluted, surrounded by a lot of inner turmoil, which I suppose is a really good depiction of me in Japan.

There is a city called Imabari a bit to the west of here. (Does anyone else have a reeeeally hard time with East and West? Like, ya gotta stop and think every time you use one of those words, and even then you frequently fuck it up? I hate that.) Imabari has this bridge that connects it to Hiroshima, of Nuclear Holocaust fame. The bridge is miles and miles long, actually interconnected bridges strung between beautiful, heavily-forrested mountainy islands. One of my plans from before you were born, whipper-snapper, has been to bike from imabari to hiroshima. Frankly, however, that probably won't happen in this lifetime. HOWEVER, this weekend, there are vague plans to bike to Omishima, which is the third island out from Imabari. There, they have a massive shrine and a museum which houses a good 90% of Japan's historical armor and weapons. They even have yoshitsune and his brother's armor, set up facing each other. So that is that vague plan. If the weather is good and our genki-meter full, me and jackie and alison are thinking about biking to omishima. We would camp on the beach saturday night and then bike back sunday.

I had a goatee thing until last night. I tried to trim it, and as invariably happens when I try to trim my beard I cut a big chunk out by accident and had to shave it. To cut my losses, I decided to keep the mustache. So now I have a mustache, which is weird. I dont think I like it, I look like an asshole cop from CHiPS or The Rockford Files. But it's okay for a week of shock value. I'm lame like that.

How does one tell if one has a tapeworm? I am always hungry. I would like to blame it on a worm and not my abiding lust for the act of putting food in my mouth. Though that's gross.

Anyway, gonna keep it short.

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