Monday, April 25, 2005

The Office Wraith

There is a woman who works I believe on the 7th floor of this building. I have never seen her speak to anyone. I have never seen her do anything. She is tall, pale, young and beautiful. The only thing I have EVER seen her do, in all my months here, is stare sadly out the hallway window. Sometimes she waters a plant.

Today I went up to the seventh floor to drop off some paperwork and there she was. Except today, possibly for the first time, she smiled at me sadly and said good morning. Then she went back to staring out the window.

I am at great risk because I fall in love easily with sad beautiful women.

I think she might be a ghost.

Short post, ne.
I fall in love easily with all women, but you don't see that stopping me. Hey, if she IS a ghost, at least it'll make for a good story, yah?

P.S. - I think you should write an entire post in pirate lingo.

Arr, I could write me a ghostly tale of lub (from lubber which means lover, right? Pirate lingo is hard!). Gerbs, you speak any other languages?
Japanese, l33t, and pirate lingo. If those count.

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