Monday, April 11, 2005

mono no aware

So me mum emailed me scanned copies of my tax returns. She filled em all out for me and all and all I had to do was sign them and send them back in time for april 14. Simple enough that I got it half done. Apparently I neglected to slap my signature on. Oops. At least I finally found that post office, right?

It is cherry blossom season now. That means for about two weeks (we is in the middle of it, prolly only got a few more days) like every other tree in this country is ablaze with bring pink flowers. It's really pretty cool, they do take it really seriously. I've been to several flower-viewing parties in the past week, which is code for get drunk in the park and talk to girls. Tho I wasnt picking up girls, for a reason which in retrospect is frankly elusive. In a few more days, the wind and rain will wash away the cherry blossoms until next april when they again come out for a few days.

For those of you not in the know about the appeal of cherry blossoms to the japanese, I think it all goes back to buddhism and the idea that all beauty fades and nothing in this world last, and thus everything has an inherent sadness to it (もののあわれ they call it, "mono no aware"). This became one of the central ideas of Japanese art a thousand years ago and they liked it so much they ran with it. The cherry blossoms, then, are incredibly beautiful but a part of the beauty is that they are destroyed shortly after flowering by even the gentlest of breezes. It's the metaphor for life etc. There are all these parks whose focus is cherry trees and so you go there 50 weeks of the year and there are just trees but you go for two weeks in early april and its like woah, as the song goes.

Many thoughts lately and none of yall have been on AIM for me to talk to. And by none of yall I mean Dan Jon Sarah, to whom I talk about me thoughts. Whats this, you went and got lives? But what about meeee?

Aaaanyway, this is going to be a short one as I am not feeling particularly inspired. Thanks for reading.
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