Friday, April 01, 2005

Going to Kyoto

On my way to Kyoto for the weekend with work. Spending the weekend in a Zen temple, gonna get whacked really fucking hard with a board if I move during meditation apparently. Also teaching English. Boss lady pissed me off bad when she told me to redo my presentation yesterday, the day before we leave. Just not kosher, not when she has been working on it with me and didn't complain about any of it. Now she says it might be too boring and that the crowd wont cooperate, when before she told me not to worry about crowd cooperation because they are fresh out of college and speak english. Whatever. They get Ichiro's body parts and that's all I have to give.

BUT, the company entrance ceremony is cool. In Japan, starting work with a company when you graduate is a BIG DEAL, it's not like a part time job. Although the system is fading, there is still a sort of sense that your FUTURE has been DECIDED. All the speeches today are like "Today you are Shakaijin (society-person, someone who has been defined as a human being by taking up a functional role in society, it is like Adult but implies responsibilty and accountability and respect from Common Adults). Congratulations, the rest of your life starts now." And it's like, half of these people are just gonna run with this ball until they die. Crazy. They are all so nervous. It's almost cute.

So, this is a big thing for them and a big learning experience for me - I am almost inclined to call it the pivot of contemporary japanese society. And I am experiencing it first hand, and teaching english. I looked at this as kind of an annoying waste of a weekend before, but now I am looking forward to it.

I will be back from Kyoto next week. Until then, leave me some love.
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