Sunday, April 17, 2005 Books: The Da Vinci Code

This book blows.

Although, sigh, I must confess to being gripped by it and wanting to see the end (I know, I know). But really, it was so bad. The writing style is juvenile, the characters ridiculous, the mysteries obnoxious and the big "revelations" written with a seeming grudge against subtlty. The whole thing is like comedy of the absurd - "So this guy walks into a bar with a chicken in his hand and The Da Vinci Code!!!"

I dunno I think mostly I am irritated cuz I lost sleep reading it cuz it makes you wanna know whats next and now I am tired and will never get those moments of my life back. I went to see what people were saying about it and was sad to learn that most of the "controversy" over this "modern work of literature" consists of people going "It could be true!" and "No it couldn't!" really loud back and forth. But everyone seems to agree that it is well-written and it just isnt. I dunno, maybe I should read more junk food books, I kinda don't.

But yeah.

Also the Niihama Guide Club started talking about international jewish conspiracies and the jews ruling the united states and "they say you can always tell one by looking at them, is that true mykola?" and I was just like "Listen folks, in my humble opinion, such idiotic theories are only embraced by the uneducated. It's a dangerous way to start thinking and what the fuck, anyway?" and they all kinda glared at me. I mean I know I'm kind of an arrogant smartass (though I have gotten better, I swear) but to hear these smug upper class housewives with nothing better to do talk about the Jewish Problem as they drink tea just made me furious. I would have probably really said things to make me not get invited back but my Japanese is too restrictive.

Or is it true? Karen, are you secretly pulling all the strings and you're playing us all for fools?

Why cant the world grow up. Gah.

In other news, was a good weekend. Heh. See, I spiral up from negativitiy into positivity in this post.

Friday night did karaoke for first time in a while. Was exposed to Franz Ferdinand, a band I was gonna not get into cuz they are too popular and I'm so indie (ha ha ha...) but frankly the guitars sounded great at karaoke so I may check em out.

Saturday gave a speech to the guideclub about Ukrainian history. Was kind of irritating cuz it was followed by this Jewish bullshit. It was also weird cuz a couple gaijin came in and didnt even look at me and left, I mean, we're all friends here, right? I was...sniff...hurt... At least the mormons talked to me kinda.

For the record, I am really tired cuz of Dan Brown. Fucker.

So then saturday afternoon went to Saijo where we visited the temple designed by Tadao Ando, who is great. My second time there but is really pretty and modernlooking which is odd for a temple but you gotta figure all the ancient designs wont last forever and in another thousand years youll take your flying car to the space ship temples anyway, right? Tradition must be overcome as a legitimizing force. Or not. Whatever.

So then saturday night was yakiniku and then bed by midnight. We rented Moonchild, one of my favorite little Japanese films (popstars and vampires and homoeroticism, oh my!), but not even the girlyboys could keep Jackie awake and I was too tired to watch a movie by myself. Sunday we went to Oshima, a little island off the coast of niihama.

It was wicked cool. We trekked through bamboo forests and harsh undergrowth and up mountains and through deserted (and not deserted) mountain cottages and farms and such and it was really out of the way and cool, I liked the hell otu of it. We found, after much exploration, a nice little beach and set up camp and read in the sun for a while. Then we hopped back to niihama only to discover that busses stop at 3 (!!!) on sundays and walked about 3 miles before Jackie gave in to Tricia and called other Tricia to give us a ride. Then we went out to eat (more yakiniku but not as good I thought) and then I was in bed by 11 but not asleep until about 3 as I was reading that stupid book. Then I overslept and now am at work and exhausted.

I want to go back to that island it reminded me kinda of besaid or something I cant put my finger on it but it was great.

That's all.
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