Thursday, March 24, 2005

like, radicals, man. all 214 of 'em.

反面教師 【はんめんきょうし】 a bad example from which one can learn

Hey yall its me again I have been updating like a fiend lately ne. Nobody comments though so I suspect I have lost my fan base. Drat, so much for the book deal.

I was reading some other blog and they had a list of kanji people would want for tattoo purposes and the coolest was 魑魅魍魎 (chimimouryou) just cuz it is so damn busy looking. The meaning is, evil spirits of the mountain, forest and river. I could have four kids and give them each one of the kanji on their head and then teach them crazy martial arts based on whatever kanji they got and then they could team up and it would be like any number of chinese kung fu movies. Asia is weird but ya gotta love it.

So what is new in your lives? I beg of you, post comments, tell me about yourselves. Do I have any secret readers that I dont know? That's mysterious. What about anyone reading that I do know? I am actually interested in you, ya know.

I will say that it has been interesting who I have kept in touch with/who has kept in touch with me. Dan I excuse you on general grounds of madness. Romel though, tsk, if you read this I would get mad at you in here but alas you can't even be bothered, I'm sure. Tubby.

I wonder if any of the people here other than Jackie ever peruse this? Oh and Jackie says I don't make her lovable enough in my blog and that I have to describe her in more glowing terms. But frankly, I think she gets quite a good deal in here and I don't really know what she is complaining about. I dunno that I would read through this sludge myself except that I find myself terribly interesting in a way that you couldn't really imagine. Shocked and apalled you would be all, were you to feel the depths of my narcissism, the scope of my solipsism. Madness and death.

So I have been makin flashcards out of kanji radicals today, I want to just learn them all already. It would really help me to memorize kanji if I knew every radical, and there are only like 200 and change. Then instead of telling myself "Okay, squiggly line and the thing from winter, squiggly line and the thing from winter" to remember I would use the meanings, so like "motion" and "descend" and that sort of thing. Much easier, ne?

I also stumbled upon a pretty slick site for japanese resources, including a nifty new dictionary that I downloaded that is prettier that JWPCE which I use now but which may indeed not be as practical, scary as that sounds. I suppose that would only sound scary if you know that JWPCE is tremendously impractical for E -> J conversion.

CSS Zen Garden is one of the cooler sites I've stumbled upon in my recent cybermeanderings. It illustrates the benefits of standards-compliance and efficient design in an impactful, effective way. Check it out. I think maybe in another life I will be a design student.

Interesting I just stumbled upon something called word press that promises to make my blog more powerful. Apparently I shall be as a god, all I have to do is eat this wordpress apple. Pat, is this what you use? Is it worth dabbling with? Mm, looks like something I can't be playing with until I get my own domain. And that day is coming, I think. I want a web presence.

Wow, and I say that I get a call from Fujita-san upstairs telling me that I will have a new top of the line PC with a 17inch liquid crystal monitor here for me tomorrow and please back up whatever needs to be backed up.


Okay, sure. Sounds like a plan. Please understand that I have been slaving away on an ancient box with a monitor that digs daggers into my eyes as I use it. I am happy. :-D

I love internet communities. That cyberspace can act as real space blows my mind every time I think about it, even now. That you can get together and be free. I also like that while it lacks boundaries we face in the physical world it has its own set of boundaries. So it is not transcendent, it is like a parallel universe. I think maybe with my new computer will begin a golden age of internet use at work. I will be able to get a new copy of Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, etc - all the things where my license expired. That will give me a month, I will have to be careful with the timing. I will pick a month with no other projects on the horizon and I will design a website so astounding that the gods quiver.

Alison tells me I speak in exagerated absolutes, but that is beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt the most preposterous thing I have heard in my twenty-two years and change.

Comment on this I want your thoughts.
CSS Zen Garden is indeed a kewl site. It makes me happy that you've discovered Web standards.

WP is a lot better than Blogger, and it's not just because I use it. You should try it out when you get your own Web space.

Ah... I just got back from a trip to NYC. Now I'm going to Cleveland before returning to Columbus for the start of spring quarter. NYC was fun, there were lots of attractive girls.

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