Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ichiro's Hamstring

I want to write a blog update. Things are going okay. Today at work I am preparing an English lesson for three separate occasions within the next two weeks, they are going to be keeping me busy. I was going to talk about sports and kinda whittled it down to talking about body parts and their definitions in English. My “big plan,” as it were, is to put up a picture of Ichiro Suzuki the baseball player (who is worshipped as a sort of deity over here) and I have arrows pointing to arms and neck and feet and whatnot and we are going to go over definitions.

As an added bonus, I am throwing in some cultural information which may or may not help them to remember. For instance, when I teach them “Neck” I will also teach them “Pain in the Neck” so that they associate the two. You would be surprised how many Japanese expressions mirror our own – puffed out chest and nose in the air for pride, rosy cheeks for the glow of youth, double chin, give me a hand – they even have “Benkei’s Shin” which is basically Achilles Heel. So hopefully this will prove effective and my boss won’t beat me.

Karate is ever more fun though I did not go yesterday as having just broken up with Ayako I decided to embrace my sadness by scrounging around for auto-destructive things to do while avoiding things that could be construed as good for me. I was going to eat at McDonald’s and drink a lot, but then Jackie fed me a nice healthy meal and I had a glass of wine while watching The Graduate. Not quite as detrimental to my well-being as I had hoped, but oh well. I have got my first kata DOWN, tho, so if you attack me with a large group in a specific order I will put you down. Just do it slowly. And start from my left.

Apparently Karen from Jamaica starts this week, possibly yesterday. I kinda don’t like her, she is loud rude and abrasive, and moreso to anyone trying to be kind to her. That personality just doesn’t fit in Japan, she makes a complete ass of herself everywhere she goes and you are never sure if you want her to keep being rude to the Japanese or turn on you, which is just as irritating. Either way her company is unpleasant, I can’t wait to hear her complain about sitting in seizan during meditation before practice, or to see her “teach” the sensei how punches SHOULD work. On the plus side I may get to hit her repeatedly eventually, so it may all pay off.

Firefox continues to impress the hell out of me, it is breathing yet more life into the internet. I wonder should I make a stink about getting net access at my pad. The year is wrapping up, half over already, but now no ayako means more time sitting around at home, although now that the weather is getting better it means more time out doing stuff, so yeah, I probably don’t need it but it would be nice.

I had just written a message in here to Ayako, because I know she will be reading this, but I deleted it cuz that’s kinda lame. I will say though that there is nobody on this planet that cannot teach you something and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. But it really does depend on our willingness to learn.

Genki Sudo, the fighter Jon introduced me to, wrote a piece about how the world is our mirror, and the way we try to see the world is how we see it. Don’t laugh because you are happy, he writes, become happy by laughing. It’s so simple but I dunno. Sometimes it is easier to be sad? But I am not, I am feeling very okay right now. I do hate, though, when my blog takes a turn for 16-year-old-emokid emotional ranting.

But why is that, do I hate my emotions? No, I feel them and they are okay. It’s control issues perhaps. I’ve always been emotional even/especially when I try not to be, but trying anything regarding emotions is silly, isn’t it? I guess you really do just have to do what you feel like doing.

I also hate feeling self-conscious when I write. I get that though when I talk about emotions which is why I throw out some sort of self-disparaging comment about how I am acting like a child every time I so much as think about using the word “feel” in here. That’s silly, I do feel. Interesting. Life is too short to worry/think about, maybe feeling is the best way to go. I guess what’s wrong about being ashamed about feelings is that it doesn’t make any sense – I really don’t think that the distinction between reason and emotion is as sharp or meaningful as traditional western thing says it is. You simply are. That would be like saying it’s okay to acknowledge thoughts but not physical sensations – ha, and come to think of it, they say that too. But it’s total package, isn’t it?

God if you want me to fight some element of myself, I guess I could, but I don’t reeeeeally see a reason to. I could fight an army with my teeth tied behind my tongue if it made a difference. I kinda just wanted to use a weird expression, I am not necessarily making any sense here. Unless it means something to you in which case, sure, I meant that.

I think “kinda” will be a word within 15 years, in all the major dictionaries. What was the other one? Oh, right, the other day I was talking to someone who kept mistyping “each other” as “eachother” but I found it strangely appropriate. I would like that to be a compound word, but it won’t.

So there is this new guy Joshka from Utah arriving in Niihama to replace pat next week. At first we were all like “Josh…ka? Utah? Pat what have you done you got us a Mormon!!!!” but as it turns out he is not. We did some background checking on the internet about him, tho, (Josh if you end up reading this don’t take it personal ;)) and he seems like he’s okay. From what little I can find, anyway. Looks to be into Magic Cards at least, from the Wizards of the Coast page we found him on, and he is a certified tech geek which is greeeeeat. If he isn’t already into Tekken I will convert him (as I suspect he will be the most easily converted of the people I socialize with out here) and we shall make glorious Tekken together until august. Jackie and Alison are going to be shocked and appalled when they realize the depths of nerdom I am capable of. I am excited, I think I am going to like this guy.

Of course he could be a total wanker. We poured all of our worry into “What if hes mormon!?!?” and stressed about that so when we found out he wasn’t we all kinda breathed a sigh of relief and decided he was awesome but ya know, maybe not. He has a beard, I think it’s a good sign Jackie thinks no. Either way he is moving into Jackie and Alex’s building so we’ll be seeing him.

Alright I been typing this for a few mins now so I should probably go back to labeling pieces of Ichiro’s body. Can anybody think of a common saying about triceps?
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