Thursday, March 31, 2005

I have just been reading dozens and hundreds of web design articles and the one cliche phrase that I just love is "browser wars." Everyone who has been doing webdesign for 10 years or more remembers the days of IE vs Netscape competing, where they would purposely have mutually exclusively design flukes and such and web designers were forced to basically design for Netscape or design for IE. How many of you have vague memories of splash screens to big websites where you just had to click "Netscape" or "IE" before entering? Funny funny.

Anyway, all these guys are now web design gurus, right, they are the grizzled vets in the field who lived through the Browser Wars, the Dotcom Revolution, etc etc etc, and they all talk like old soldiers. "Most Web designers simply build sites quickly, using all the tricks they learned during the terrible browser wars. Tables for layout, font tags, hundreds of embedded images, single pixel GIFs, and so on" it's so funny, it's like how Kissinger and Gorbechov talk about the cuban missile crisis, like oh my god I cant believe we got through it.

I like that the internet has a violent history, it sort of reminds you that it is indeed a human enterprise and that, like in human history, the worst atrocities are still waiting for us.

And it's great because I remember those days so I feel elite, like I am part of a veterans club. :)
The days of Netscape are far from over, you fool--viva la revolucion! The underground movement lives on, free from the watchful eye of The Man...

Its the browser wars that are over, Firefox is great. The battlefield has shifted from differing standards to standards compliance. This is still a sort of dark age cuz of IE's refusal to cooperate, but its nothing like what it used to be because at least MS says they will cooperate.
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