Thursday, March 10, 2005

a baffled king

websmart nerdy type guys - is it cool to use SWF in a business page, or is it still not 100% integrated so theres the chance that when my boss's boss shows the page to the client it won't be able to load? 96% or something? what do you think, should I shy away from Flash to be safe?

Went out drinking with Ayako's dad and brother last night, that was cool. They took me to a few snack bars in Saijo where the girls all flirted with me. You'd think it would be awkward to flirted at in the presence of your girlfriend's father and brother but youd be wrong, it was a good night.

Pitched my website to the management this morning, along with my boss Fukashima-san, who I like. They were like "We have a web page?" No not quite, but what happened was, we were showing them my english version to get permission to put it up so I can get it behind me. But to make the english version make sense they had to have the Japanese version too. So for two hours they basically tore apart the Japanese site and pointed out all the dated information and whatnot. This is a site they have had for 5 years. It's going to take me at least two weeks to make all the changes they want and translate them and basically get to where I thought I was at this morning. Probably closer to a month as they make me fix more and more detailed stuff.

It's not a big deal, but here's the thing. The page is completely terrible, and I am going to make a new one just as soon as I can stop working on the old one. They are going to cost me one of the 5 months I have left here by making me fix the current page before I scrap it and make an entirely new, pretty page. It's a little like taking your car in to the shop to fix a scratch you've had for 20 years a week before you get a new car, and then getting the new car a month late cuz paying for the scratch repairs set you back too much to get the new car when you thought you would. Then you get the new car, finally, and you destroy the old one. It's just kind of silly, Fukushima-san seemed a bit irritated as well. Really it's their fault that they've had this page for 5 years and nobody has looked at it. On the plus side, upper management likes my ideas for rennovating the site, they thought some of the demo stuff I showed them was very clever. Clever like, replacing words and tiny pictures with giant pictures and less text for browsing and the like. And click the part of the car where the carpart is installed and it pops up. That sort of thing.

If I use flash I can rock their goofy little socks off. Even if I can't I can crap out a page thats prettier than this one, and this one is fucking complexly made, he has like 10 pages of code for one ugly webpage, its so silly.

So anyway yeah thats what Im up to. I look forward to having the current page behind me and getting my ass in gear on the new one, which will be magnificant.

Oh, another question for the nerdy types, Pat and Matt take note. Using CSS I know I can alter the style on all my pages by editing one file, but is there anything comparable for content? Like, if my menus are the same on every page, can I somehow create that externally and then import it into the page? So if my boss is like "Yeah thats pretty but I want this word and not that one on that menu" I dont have to crawl through 30 pages to do it?

that is all.
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