Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Your Japanese Study of the Day

横好き【よこずき】(n) being crazy about something, but not be good at it

蟷螂の斧【とうろうのおの】courageous but doomed resistance
("tourou no ono": praying mantis's axe)

屍蝋【しろう】(n) adipocere, grave wax (greying of the body fats of a corpse which rests in a moist but airless place)
("shirou". Who says I don't diversify?)

酒池肉林【しゅちにくりん】(n) sumptuous feast, debauch
("Shuu Chi Niku Rin" - Alcohol Pond Flesh Forest)

竜頭蛇尾【りゅうとうだび】(n) a strong beginning and a weak ending, an anticlimax
("Ryuu Tou Dabi" - Dragon's Head, Snake's Tale)

無芸大食【むげいたいしょく】(n) lacking the talent to do anything but eat
("Mu Gei Tai Shoku" - No Skill Big Eat)

Aren't you glad you know me? You would never have learned these otherwise.

So I have just been informed that Jose Canseco attributes all of his success to steroids. He was like some sort of hero, he was there with Nolan Ryan and Ricky Hendricks was it? The fast black guy who played for the A's? That's the second time today I have been thrown back to the age of 10. I have a Jose Canseco baseball card. I wonder if that just means that most of the good players use steroids? I guess maybe nothing matters.

On a side note, Bill Braskey. Do you know Bill Braskey? Bill Braskey was so tough that when he died (and that's a story too long to tell in itself) they performed an autopsy (naturally) and in his stomach all they found were rusty nails. Why, he was such a badass that he once punched a hole in a cow just to see who was coming up the road! The Braskey Family crest, if I saw it right, is a barracuda - eating Neil Armstrong.

I remember one time, Bill told me to put my coat on and that we were going out drinking. I was 12 at the time, and he (silencing my parents' objections with half a threat of a vague scowl) led me out to a small field and pulled out two folding chairs. We sat there for 11 years and eventually someone built a bar around us. They opened for business, and Bill had a shot of whiskey - he got one for me, too. Then he stood up, stretched, and torched the bar to the ground. "But Bill!" I yelled, above the roar of the flames. "Why?!"

"Kid," he told me, "I always leave a place the way I found it."
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