Thursday, February 03, 2005

The wheel has turned

The constant video game I have going on in the back of my head has shifted gears at least from metal gear to final fantasy. I have realized that the favorite final fantasy games of myself and several of my closest friends are not chosen at random - rather, each of us shares the flaws of our favorite character, which I find interesting.

For example, to use myself, I like 9, I identify with the sort of offhand laziness of Zidane. But also with his more positive traits, I like his "You don't need a reason to help people." But then, I also have sort of a Laguna thing from 8...hmm.

Another friend loves 8 and is an obvious analog to squall, but not entirely, as he also has quite a bit of Yuna in him. I would suspect X2 may be up towards the top of his favorite FF list.

Yet another, whose favorite is 7, is constantly overcome with rage and identity problems, many of which deal with his inability to live up to the image he had of himself in the dreams of his youth.

Yet another, who I think loves 10, quite obviously sees himself as a prodigy in his art thrown into a world where his skills are kind of underappreciated except in select crowds that have sadly little to do with his day to day quests.

Anyway, I don't think any of my friends molded their identities based on these characters - rather, I think they found in these games expressions of solidarity, the idea that there's a name for whatever it is they got, cloud or squall or whatever. I wouldn't imply they are limited to these characters, either - obviously, they're constantly changing while even the character's changes are scripted, but how interesting that the members of my closest college circle each seem to have an affinity for one of these games.

It all makes me suddenly really enthusiastic for 12.

The downside of all of this is that it's such a boys club. I wish girls got into these games more, they're great.

Anyway now I just want to buy an airship and go on adventures.

That's today's musing.
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