Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Whats your favorite queen song?

I like One Vision, with Hammer to Fall, Radio Ga-ga, and Tie Your Mother Down vying for the spot.

So I got to work today, booted up my computer, and what do I see? "HARD DISK FAILURE." Oh joy, says I, it's a good thing everything I've done at work in Japan is on that hard disk. I panicked briefly (isn't it cool that panic becomes panicked with a k? I have always liked that) and then restarted the computer. It worked fine.

Lesson learned? Back up my shit. Yeah, really probably should. I will. Sure. Sigh. Baka.

Apparently there is a word for someone whose kanji writing abilities have atrophied due to over-reliance on word processors - ワープロ馬鹿. Waapurobaka. I like that.

I am still aching all over from my circa hour of vaguely strenuous karate two days ago. Methinks me has slid too far, unacceptable. The only thing for it is to do pushups on my punching knuckles until my hands fall off, and then work on kicks. Deshou?

Watched Resident Evil 2 last night, or "Biohazard 2" as the series is known in Japan. It was not bad, but I liked the first one.

I am writing my report for this month and am not sure what to write about. I have thrown in a description of the changes in web design since I was last into it, basically a rundown of CSS and how it differs from pre-CSS canonical HTML, but I suspect my boss will roll her eyes and cut that whole bit out. I have talked about how I had to type up 50 pages of legal mumbojumbo and mentioned that he wants me to translate it and that I doubt that I can but that I will ganbaru, but I neglected to mention my irritation that he didnt just ask the company for a digitized version because I refuse to believe they dont have this crap on file. Or for that matter my irritation that he isnt having that company's highly-paid and doubtless qualified japanese translator translate this. But I digress, it is learning experience, sigh.

I need more violence in my life. More and more I feel this desire for open physical conflict creeping up on me. Verbal sparring gets so old. I think karate came just in time. I want a real blokey circle of friends where we hit each other really hard from time to time for no particular reason. And don't talk about it.

I am deathly afraid that this computer will somehow shut itself off or I will otherwise lose what I am writing. I just kinda have blogger open and I turn to it now and again to update. So in that sense, this is not a regular stream-of-conciousness, it's more of an elapsed-time series of snapshots. I suppose the humor of the situation is that it's not much different from standard fare, is it? Loosely disconnected, vaguely irritating, you know you love it.

So the gang is leaving. Pat is going to Osaka, Jay to America, Drew and Jeff to Kochi...I say gang, but it really isn't one, is it? We've all just split into tiny groups that don't mingle. Or maybe there is mingling going on and nobody told me, egad. Who knows, I am happy. I will miss you guys. Pat especially, who is going to cook our extravagent dinners now? For the record Pat I really respect what you are doing.

I like that "peace" is a valediction that we all through around. Egad I misspelled throw. That is the second time in two days I have used through when I meant throw. I think this might be hell. But yeah, what a good word to use in parting. I like it especially cuz it was never particularly cool in my school so when I started using it in college it meant something and still does, its just not "seeya." It is a wish for peace. How simple and how...I dunno, its almost elegant.

So I am crawling around Facebook, and I just ran a search on Edison High School, which is where I would have gone had I not moved in fourth grade. I saw a few people I recognized, nobody I really liked or remembered for more than an instant. And then the last name was Geoff Young, a kid who used to live down the street from me. My parents didnt like him much cuz he was always a bit odd, but in retrospect he was one of the more interesting people I knew when I was a kid. That and he kinda got me into video games, I feel like I owe him. He lived with his mom in a broken down house around the corner, and now attends Rutgers apparently. I'm glad he got out of Berlin Heights, Ohio. It almost makes me feel nostalgic, like I have lost something. I didn't message him, but maybe I will at some point in the future. I hung with him, Leslie Freeman, the Gilbert boys and the Close girls until I moved at the end of fourth grade. And David Costello. David and the Gilberts I suspect grew up to be Berlin Heights residents, and the Close girls are Bible-belles who no doubt are deliberating how much of a sin it is that their boyfriend kissed them with tongue, though I liked them a lot as kids. But Geoff and Leslie were different. They were bigger than that town, even as 10 year olds. Nobody liked them and it wasn't that they didn't like people (contempt has always been my flaw, not the flaw of those I surround myself with), but rather that they didn't fit. I wonder what happened to Leslie? I bet she and geoff dated. I still remember when mario 3 came out, marvelling at the graphics at Zach Gilbert's house, Leslie asking the all-important "Does zero count as a life?" Telling Geoff how I saw Terminator with my uncle but he made me close my eyes for the scene with the guy and the girl and Geoff was like "oooh, they were probably doing you-know-what" but I wasn't-really-sure-what-though-I-had-some-idea and basil was all like "what what" but I cooly changed the subject.

Boy, all these years I have felt empty, like I came from nowhere going nowhere, but maybe that's not true. Maybe I will drop Geoff a line. I hope he didn't turn into a douchebag asshole and all my newfound childhood ideals are dashed. Maybe I won't drop Geoff a line.

That's enough of an update for now.
that post was a very catcher in the rye-like post. (and i enjoyed the interesting japanese translations). hope all is well. peace. kate
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