Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's Bruce Lee got that I aint got?

Other than roguish good looks, martial arts skills and philosophical balance?

I started Karate last night. I think I will stay with it. I want to beat you all up. The teacher is sort of oldish and grizzled, he reminded me of an affectionate pirate captain or a drill sergeant on his day off. He needed an eyepatch and a pipe.

I finished typing up all those pages of contracts that my boss wanted me to type up, and, as expected, he asked me to translate them. Joy. On the plus side its only 50 pages. I suspect the other half is waiting for me when I am finished. Which I don't foresee, but I suppose anything is possible.

Learned all sorts of vocab in Japanese this morning. Would cite example but have forgotten it all. So it goes.

Someone fix me I feel off.

At the arcade the other day (and I may have already written this I dont remember) I got my ass handed to me in tekken by someone who was so badass he proceeded to take my tekken card. I forgot it in the machine when I got up and when I went back for it he was just like "Nai, yo." ("It's not here, chump.") I guess that's fair.

For those not in the know, tekken 5 machines have these slots where you put your card in and it saves your data, and you earn money when you win and you can use that to buy equipment on the internet for your character. Each card has 500 fights on it. I had about 400 left on mine. So that's a bummer. The card costs 5 bucks, so I gotta get a new one but cant afford it this month. Bummer.

Music has started giving me headaches. I am done with music.

Yeah whatever.

I am really tired. No matter what time I go to bed I wake up tired. Guess I better start taking my vitamins more religiously, eh mum?

God I am so glad I am done entering that data. 50 pages of legal jargon is, quite frankly, a bitch to type. And each page seems to have a different format so I had to keep adjusting the spacing and whatnot. Fuck me, that was obnoxious. Now for the hard part. Sigh.

Do I sound tired?
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