Thursday, February 10, 2005


Ten minutes to write before lunch. Am studying.


Made chicken last night, it was so good. I fried it. I made batter by mixing flour, an egg, and, get this, pineapple juice from a can of pineapple slices. Then I cut the chicken into little pieces (not quite little enough, more later) and dipped them in, then dipped them into a mess of flour, coconut and spices.

Then I fried them in my wok.

The only part that didn’t go so well: The outside cooked crazy fast, I think because the head was on too high. Some of the pieces were still raw on the inside despite being charred black on the outside, but I ate them anyway. Next time, lower heat and much more thinly sliced chicken. The taste, though, was soooooo good. If I hadn’t been in such a rush to get things dipped slapped cooked taken out whoops forgot to cook etc, I wanted also to dip some pineapple slices in the coconut mix and fry those up as well. Next time I will be sure to have an assistant, two hands weren’t enough. And maybe some sort of sauce? Although they really didn’t need one, they were kinda sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Maybe just over a bowl of rice. With some veggies on the side.

Anyway what else is new?

A book I am working on just now is “The Power of Myth” which is an interview of Joseph Campbell by Bill Moyers. Some of it is irritating as fuck, “hippy fodder” as Jackie referred to it, but some of it is damn interesting.

I actually wrote a few pages of impressions about the myth stuff but its all in the form of barely-formulated half-notions referring to fragments masquerading as pieces of ideas. If I come up with something to write, Ill write it later.

Website is being a bitch. The IE/Mozilla distinctions are tearing me apart. I want to make a pretty page for Mozilla but I guess I am just gonna make an ugly page for IE. That’s a damn shame. I am learning a lot though – every day I come in here, I can do all the stuff it had taken me up to the day before to learn to do, and probably before lunch. Now it’s a question of efficiency. I had a great idea to use java to split the CSS into Mozilla and IE halves, but if I am gonna work something like that in there I had better be around next year and the year after to make the updates necessary. If not this page will date worse than…than…I dunno, the pimply nerd in high school?

Anyway I’m out. Shit to do.

Well, if you get flu-like symptoms within a couple days, you'll know where they came from. Or you should.
I am now suffering from terrible flu-like symptoms. What was this connection you are referring to?
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