Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The International AIMFart

How odd. AIM briefly died and as the whole world tried to log back on I sat here...also...trying to get back on. That was odd.

Anyway yeah. At work. Today I come up with the basic site design for the new site. I am kinda excited. www.ichimiya.co.jp/nissen is the old site, and I think I want to switch to a very simple frames page (yeah yeah, I know, but itll be cool!). I am spending today editing photographs and backgrounds to change it to a light grey background with blue text, and I am going to make a new main page.

I think this could work out well or it could just be hideous. We shall see, time will tell, cant count chickens before theyre hatched, dont put cart before horse, etc etc ad nauseum. I am reading an autobiography about cryptic crosswords. Jackie failed to make me gay so now she is trying to make me smart. Better luck this time, pal.

Today's 4-character compound is 一球入魂, which means "One Ball Insert Spirit." Apparently it comes from Baseball, and the idea is focussing on one thing with all your might. Sugoi!

Anyway, time to get to editing pictures. More later, most likely.
booo. i liked it better black.
I'm not even all that familiar with Mark Twain, but I have a feeling that if he were to live in contemporary times then "The International AIM Fart" would be the title of one of his short stories.
Then I suppose I should have written something more interesting in the contents to do him justice. But thanks, I'll take that as a compliment, whoever you are.
I'm Watching the State of the Union address now... Funny stuff. The guy is such a goof.

So would be using frames: goofy. Is the frame for a common menu on each page or something? Use a "component" instead. ... If that's what they're still called.
Yeah I scrapped the frames, no good.

What I am doing now is, I lifted the template from my blog. I modified it completely, figured out how "divisions" work, and then threw it out and am now making something based with it.

But tell me more about these components.

You can tell I really like my new job because it is almost 7 and I am still here working on websites. This fucking rules.
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