Friday, February 18, 2005

And after what seemed like a vague eternity, he arose...

Yeah so I am more or less back together with my body now. I had to spend a few hours in a hospital, get a blood test, get an IV for a few hours, bleeeh. I had some sort of stomach bug, everyone talked real fast to Ayako the first time I went and to Fujita-san when I went back with her, and the general consensus was "just drink your medicine. I can't believe you went out for yakiniku." Right now I still feel kinda shakey and weak, especially my arms but thats just cuz I had needles in them, and that gives me the willies. That stupid IV, my left arm just feels nauseous, if that makes any sense.

But yeah, I spent about a week in bed with a fever around 102-103 for a few days which eventually dropped down to about 99-100ish with diarrhea and terrible stomach pains every time I so much as thought about food. After about 4 days of this I got sick of my apartment and dragged ayako out to eat Yakiniku (uh, meat you cook at the table, really greasy and delicious) and got much sicker. Been a fun ride. Just feel kinda blah.

Ayako came over every day to feed me and make sure I wasnt dead and to keep me company, so that was cool. It would be terrible to be sick in that shithole apartment with nobody, just alone with the shitholeness of the place, one with it as it were. So I appreciated that much. I watched a lot of movies. I am still trying to figure out if Azumi was worth seeing. It was so bad in so many ways and yet I kind of liked it? I guess Hideo Kojima had a cameo as one of the thousands of scuzzy villagers she slaughters at the end, shoulda kept my eyes open.

Got back to work and everyone is real nice and welcoming but I got me a lot of work to do. The website stuff I was working on took a turn for the rancidly busy as they need an english version of some sort up by next month. The original plan was new design for japanese version -> update japanese information with all original stuff -> translate that, my own work, into an english version. Now the plan is, update and translate old page ASAP, then continue with original plan.

On top of that, my one boss has like the bylaws or certification procedures or something for the office in Columbus. It's like 100 pages of legal jargon with bad grammar and apparently all they have is a hard copy. He tried to scan it in OCR but it came out 90% gibberish so the long and short of it is that in addition to the web work I have 100+ pages of text to typ up. I can't believe how shit the grammar and spelling is, cuz it is the English version. I have this gnawing fear he is going to ask me to translate it. The worst part is, they SURELY have this data somewhere in Columbus on disk, it is practically inconceiveable that they dont have it, its like all the rules for the way the whole company works, and this is a big fucking company. I suspect he just lost that and doesnt want to lose face by asking for another one. That kinda irritates me but at the same time its not hard just time consuming and I gotta be here anyway so its all good. But if he asks me to translate I'll be upset.

Alexander the Great is playing here, dunno for how much longre. I kinda wanna go see it - Colin Farrel as a big gay Alexander sounds like 3 hours of fun. But movie theater is 20 bucks a pop, that's a bit steep. I am actually broke for this month, but I got some cash yesterday for teaching english and get some tomorrow for giving a speech so I should be able to stumble across the finish line.

I also bought Final Fantasy 8 (in Japanese, of course) for 1800 yen and the entire series "X" (manga, not anime) for 1000 yen. I like to live dangerously. I also like that I can read comic books and play video games in Japanese, albeit slowly. I should really get on the Dragon Quest games, but even the old ones are really expensive, like upwards of 40 bucks for PS1 titles.

Next month I dont think I will be going anywhere, so I will have a little room to breathe in my wallet. That will be a welcome change, I have basically been running on empty since Christmas, yet always pulling out enough to spend on something fun.

I don't actually know what kind of medicine I have been taking or what they IV'd me full of at the hospital, that's probably kind of one of those bad ideas, but maybe more in the okay-bad category than, say, letting a sleazy looking indian with a french accent give me an IV at the club. Right?

Movies I watched and liked enough to remember watching from my movie binge this weekend: Versus, Azumi, Porco Rosso, Ocean's 11 (why is that so damn fun?), Chocolat (which irritated me tremendously but I have to confess to secretly kind of enjoying watching it for all its flag-waving crappiness), uhhh, and a bunch more I think.

Things I am reading: Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose (8), a sort of travelogue about crossword puzzles; Ulysses (dunno why I even put it, I cant beat Penelope, she kicks the shit out of me every time I open the book); The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell, hippy fodder but new thoughts); X (manga about...? So far it's just got a couple of kakkoii guys who dont talk just hate and a really girly girl but there are overtones of a plot, which would explain the other 17 volumes sitting under my table). I think maybe that's all. Was reading Naruto, but there are so many volumes of that I will never finish it, and 1 wasnt great enough to really get a grip on me so I switched to X.

Music of late? Uh...early Jurassic 5, many thanks to Jackie, and Sarah sent me a CD of a band called FrouFrou which is interesting, I suspect I may like it. I heard the new Jack Johnson at the record store and it sounds just about perfect, like Jack Johnson got into my head and figured out exactly what a perfect Jack Johnson disc should sound like and then followed my advice and made it. Thanks Jack. I shoulda bought that instead of Final Fantasy 8. Coldplay is getting some play as well.

Am starting to get a tad worried about housing next year. Zach, Matt, the three of us gotta talk and figure something out. Oh and then there is Turner who doesnt know yet if he will be at OSU, stupid "caring about the future" and "considering all the options." I could always live in my car. I'd have to get a car. But it's quite doable at OSU, and would be a realy buddhist experience, detachment from worldly possesions and whatnot. Of course I would just end up at your house playing playstation more often than not, but ya know, the rent would be cheap. For me. Cuz I wouldn't pay any. Shower at Larkins. Spend a lot of time at the library.

I tell ya, guys, I miss the student life. I miss saying "ah, fuck it" and not going to class if I don't feel like brushing my teeth. I miss columbus, my friends. I like it here but how can you ever feel a home when there's a deadline counting down? Eh, I guess there always is no matter where you go. I guess then that Niihama just doesn't feel like home, it's starting to feel like a working vacation with all work and no vacation and oh yeah pollution. But you have to give it to me, I have gone almost the entire winter before succumbing to this mood, so I think I'll be okay. Once summer hits and the typical weekend activity is a 3 day beach party I think maybe I will turn around. I think most of all I miss a world of English - my mind kind of switches off here and yet is always on, I am always hearing someone talking just too fast to understand but always catching about 45% of the content and left wondering about the rest.

It takes so damn long to learn a language. I need to study more and more carefully, use more flash cards. If you are wondering why I am writing this instead of doing work, fuck you. I typed in 10 pages of documentation and translated and updated 8 web pages. If that doesn't sound like a lot, shove it, I'm ahead of schedule. I also had a meeting this morning -

Nissen has a pamphlet and I guess they make a new one every few years, just company information and such that they use whenever they need to introduce the company. The guy from the company that makes them came for a sitdown with the head honchos and since I am designing the home page they brought me down to participate. I understood about 85% of what they were saying and in fact had key ideas about the new design that the bosses would have 30 minutes later, so I feel like I am in on the ground floor. They want to integrate brochure and website and come up with a universal Nissen style sheet of sorts. I'm going to be on the ground floor of this, giving input and designing things. I am going to try to get them to get me a better computer and a registered version of Dreamweaver, but first I need to blow their socks off with my productivity. Which has been good.

I received a big box of swedish fish from sarah this week, that made being sick seem not so bad. I do love swedish fish. I let my boss try one and she feinted it was so good then came to and demanded I pour some on a dish for her. If I were Sweden I would so keep them all to myself.

Anyway, I wanted to write a long entry, but this will have to do. I am gonna get a jump start on monday's page-typing, maybe I can finish this project a few days early and impress the hell out of my boss's boss's boss for whom I am doing this. That could prove to be a good idea.
Yah. I have one friend who seems really interested with living with us. He currently does not have anywhere to live for next year, but he hasn't given me a 'for sure' yet. I will e-mail him now.. and let you know.

Your g/f sounds really nice. Lucky.

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