Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What is with Return of the Dragon? It's like Bruce Lee OD'd on the Three Stooges and shat out a masterpiece

Jackie tells me my blog has gone to shit in the past few weeks and perhaps it has. With all the time I have had laying around at work I just never really updated it. Well that’s not true; I had a few massive updates towards the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month I was studying to fill the time and not writing, and at the end of the month I was fucking busy with a capital fucking busy. Now however it is February which I always read in my head as feb brew arry and as a result I can spell it but in exchange for that admittedly useful power the whole month just seems fishy to me, like it’s not who it says it is. I just don’t trust it. But there you have it.

I have begun work at Nissen Chemical (日泉化学株式会社) and am in charge of making their web site. Well not exactly as they have one at www.ichimiya.co.jp/nissen but I am in charge of updating the whole thing so it looks fresher than a baby’s arse and then translating it into English. Here we go.

Downside is that they are making me use the same crap computer afterall which blows because it’s old and has trouble waking up in the morning. And it’s slow. So if I stick to HTML I should have no problem cuz that’s just using notepad really but if I make it pretty like I wanna I’d be using CSS and XHTML and Java this and ActiveX that and frankly this computer can’t handle it. That’s a shame.

My functional knowledge of web design is about 7 years old. The last time I really did anything with it was for ultima online when I was a kid, I made a website for my guild. I was 13 years old and the head of the Corsairs of Britannia, a scurvy lot of anti-pirates that never managed to actually get together once the game went from nerds wet-dream in development to PK Paradise. Ah the good old days. We all just kinda maintained our fascination with boats in the game but it was much easier to steal boats than to actually get together and raise money to buy boats to kill people who stole boats, so our lofty goals met with dismal demise. But hey I was 13.

And that means my functional knowledge is actually about 9 years old, wowsers. Anyway I thought I would freshen up and so I went to wikipedia and caught up on the last decade of web development. No wonder I hardly recognize HTML source anymore – HTML sort of died/got phased into XHTML which integrates CSS as an efficient alternative to the presentation markup initially done simultaneously with content in the old school HTML. Now, CSS is almost like a real program in its efficiency and externality. You design a class and then reference that and all customization can be taken care of externally. How slick is that?

So anyway, after an hour or two of reading I am once again an expert in web design…though I still lack even the remotest sense of universally pleasant aesthetics. But what will be will be. I am eager to pour my soul into this website, so I am standing facing forward boldly to see my final result, yet at the same time cringing wrapped in my futon with trepidation. I feel like I am about to give birth to a hideous genius. I wish only that I could empower my creation to destroy the world around him, which will surely reject him for all his splendor, in order to carve a more suitable environment for himself to flourish, but alas, that’s not due until XHTML 2.3.

At any rate, which as well all know means that the contents disregards the change of state over time, as any degree of change over any period of time (negative and nonreal exempted) is fine, I am working. But, I wanted to take a brief kyuukei (休憩) from my personal studies in order to relate to you all the wonders of my new (pre)occupation.

Also, there has been some talk of an internet-based reading of Finnegans Wake in the near-to-distant future. I would create a bulletin board of sorts and we would have drawn out discussions over a page or two per day. What say you? Anyone but Dan interested? Justin? Jackie?

And I leave you with these, and other mysteries not here revealed, to ponder for yourselves. Farewell, and god speed.

Oh yeah I need a roommate or two for fall. I am selective and wouldn’t want to live with all of you, but if you know of anyone you suspect may meet my high standards, please let me know.

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Here it is the middle of the night, just surfing the internet. I went to check out my old guild in Ultima Online, and got to thinking about how excited I was before the game came out (I played it for years, but have long since quit....)

Anyway, I did a google search for "Corsairs of Britannia" and this site was the ONLY hit. I can't say I seem to recall much about the guild, except that I was a member. At the time I was in the US Navy, and when the game finally did come out, I didn't get a chance to play it for a few months as I'd been at sea. I do seem to recall that I was never able to actually find anyone (and can't remember anyone's name from the guild website) in the game, so moved on to other guilds. I had always wished that the CoB was able to transition into the game once it was released, as I really liked the idea of being a sailor in the game as well as real life. I did eventually wind up with a GM fisherman character, who I probably played with more than any other.

Anyway, just thought I'd post a reply to let you know that at least one other person remembers the Corsairs!
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