Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Todd you didnt have to delete your comment

Look ya'll, it's alright if you read this, I really don't care. I was just upset that Pat put it on his homepage, because my boss reads that and if she finds my blog it may be a bit awkward for me as I don't always have the nicest things to say about work.

It's true I didn't tell anyone about it cuz I wanted it to be private but now it's not so please feel welcome. Honest. But I've written so much in here I don't remember what I've written about any of you, so if I have inadvertantly published any secrets lemme know and I'll take it down.


sorry buddy. anyways, right now my plan is changing by the minute. I would have been in Tokyo already with my friends there but a last minute decision held me back as I got offered a job in Hong Kong. As you may or may not know my dream has always been teaching in HK. In addition I have another job interview today (fingers crossed) so I will have to decide where I want to be very soon. I have been traveling and stuff too, including Thailand, luckily before the horrible disaster. I spent a month in Zhuhai which is right next to Macau, where I also went, and a couple of places in China. So it's been fun.
Sorry man. I really didn't know that there was sensitive content.

But, hey it takes a true friend to tell you how it is; so don't scarafice your literary prose because we might read it!

Personally, I've found your views what you have had to say very interesting.
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