Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Oh all the money that ever I had, I spent it in good company...

I turn 22 on Saturday. I am an old man now. After 21 there are no milestones left until 65, unless you want to count 50 for the novelty.

My Japanese study is progressing rapidly. I should have been doing this from the beginning, with my picking words and learning them and whatnot. Very useful.


It's vaguely incredible to me that I have kept up this blog. Isn't that weird that I can up with ways to fill it day after day?

And fill it I do.

Ayako's family is having a birthday party for me tonight, she is cooking. I am excited. I rather like her, so it should be fun. We will go to Kyoto together next month. I want to stay in a Ryokan. My boss tells me Minshuku are cheaper. It is funny how my daily conversations at work resemble the memorized conversations from my Japanese text book on a regular basis. "Oh, I don't know much about Minshuku, but if you ask so and so..."

What else what else what else. My stomach so empty it hurts. Have been in touch with my old boss Skip, the one who fired me. He is hard of hearing and talks funny so I never realized how clever he was, but his emails are good. He used to live 20 minutes from here.

What else what else?

Today am running into a derth of creativity, but lunch is in 3 minutes so I don't want to open up some huge can of worms by talking about anything I care about. So I'll just type until it's time to go.

I like that they have these 4-kanji expressions in Japanese, yojijukugo. They arent grammatical in a traditional way, they are more idiomatic. Like, they would say "One Sword Straight Insertion" and that means you get right to the point in a discussion, or "No Talent Big Eat" is used to describe someone who doesn't pull his weight. There are hundreds of these, thousands. I pulled up an incomplete list that has 100 pages in Word. So I am learning one a day in addition to my 4 words. Fluency here I come, maybe.

Have been playing Suikoden 4 but its really just kind of boring. Suikoden II might be the most emotionally engaging and complex game I have ever played, but 3 and 4 are just disappointing.

Anyway thats lunch. Later.

Yo. My hard drive crashed awhile ago and I lost the link, but I found it again through facebook. It's kinda funny you mention the minshuku CC because we just learned that this week. Glad to know what Terada-sensei is teaching is going to be useful someday.


P.S. - Suikoden II is the best. Out of the first three anyways.
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