Wednesday, January 05, 2005


By the way, I managed to get my hands on a DVD of the newly released Izo. If you remember, this is the ultraviolent Miike Takashi epic about a samurai propelled by his rage at being killed through time in space in a seemingly unreasonable killing spree. Men, women, children - he mows everyone down. I can understand very little of it because most of the characters speak in archaic samurai-lingo, but I do get that every time a new group of killers tries to stop him they tell him to stop and he just kills them, or they ask what he hopes to accomplish and he just lunges at them and cuts them to shreds. I am only halfway through the movie because Ayako made me turn it off when she came over yesterday. But I look forward to the inevitable showdown. He is simply infuriated with the very notion of power structures - when he is killed in the beginning he is crucified, and looks like a japanese jesus, down the lance piercing in the side. And then piercing...and then piercing...and then piercing. This is very violent. I just wish it had subtitles. He had just chopped his mother in half when Ayako got there. Can't wait to see where it goes. He looked pretty horrified as she held her torso up between two trees and yelled at him with blood dripping from where her lower body used to be.

One thing I do know is that one of the gods sort of whistfully/admiringly calls him "irrationality incarnate."

On a side note, the phrase "kuidaore" (食い倒れ)means "to bring ruin upon oneself through extravagent eating habits."

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