Sunday, January 16, 2005

And for every worthless reason I know, there's a reason not to care...

I just typed out an update but it was mysteriously disappeared. That is the second time. Irritating.

I will summarize: saturday wore a hakama at a tea ceremony. Not like a kendo hakama, I'm talking silk with fancy knots, it was all traditional and whatnot. I was kind of pissed though cuz they just put the underwear on me and then dragged me out in front of all the old ladies so they could watch me get dressed, I felt like an animal on display, especially since they were all acting like they were getting away with something. I'm hardly prudish about letting old ladies see my skivvies, but I mean come on. That was really irritating.

Yesterday got up at 6 and went on a cross-japan adventure to naoshima island where I looked at art. I had fun and spent too much money.

fucking journal, always eating my words.

todays words of the day are  確保する(promise or guarantee), 初恋(puppy love, first love), 美味な (delicious, refined), and のんびり (relaxed, at ease, casual).

Jackie, is everything going okay? We are all worried about you.

Yeah Man, those public dressings are brutal aren't they. And those damn old ladies INSIST on getting the knots and ties and bits and pieces JUST right. I guess they aren't getting any at home....
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