Friday, December 10, 2004

Unbridled Implacable Unrelenting Juftified Rage always gratifying.

I just saw a movie last night, called Casshern. It, along with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, is among the first movies filmed entirely in front of a blue screen. It is absolutely gorgeous to behold.

On top of that, though, it may be my new favorite movie. I have never seen a film that so thoroughly explored like every point that I have been pondering of late. It's like the most relevant movie I can imagine, it was like someone sitting in my mind illustrating various thoughts about power structures and romance and family.

And it is so gorgeous, the graphics.

It is Kazuaki Kiriya’s first film. I think good things will come.

Oh, yeah, what's it about? Umm. Dystopian future, good technology in the hands of bad people, humanity doing what it does best, destroying itself. And a bit of the above-mentioned rage. And unconditional love. It was gratifying. It has some of the most terrible and some of the most uplifting scenes I've seen in a while. It was basically a lot like your favorite final fantasy game, but a live action film instead.

And now, off to Jackie's to get ready to be off to Alison's. I like having gone from having three little brothers to two older sisters. And Romel, right, my adopted big brother, who is older than the other two, so I am now youngest of four. I've always wanted to be andrew.

That is all.

no, you don't
I've always wanted to be Nick- That way I can envy those who I am not. I never thought I was cool enough to have wannabes trailing my trends.

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