Monday, December 27, 2004

There's a stack of dishes in my sink :-\

23k dead and rising, but Alison remembered the island that jackie and tricia went to, the Gili Island(s?) and apparently there was no real damage there, so most likely they're okay. That's a relief.

Anyone know where Fiji is? Alex and Hitomi are there...we were thinking it would be kinda funny if Fiji were entirely destroyed and it hadnt been in the news because everyone forgot about it.

I hear from Jon and Justin that the US news is treating this like no big deal, but its kinda huge - the entire economy of indian-ocean-rim-asia is based on tourism, like 75%, and the entire tourist infrastructure was just wiped out. What the fuck are they gonna do?

But, my friends are okay, so whatever, life is suffering, theyll cope. At least the US is pitching in 15 million dollars. Thats like, the cost of the last missile they dropped on a school somewhere. Whoops. But yeah.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you poor fucks. You can crash at my place, but you gotta do my dishes.

Actually, that's all we see and hear about right now around the clock in the U.S.
The US news is finally catching on to the story in Southern California. Your comments about Fuji and not being heard from may be true, it seems many places have had no communication at all from entire islands. Some people are finding their friends were not on the exact islands their hotels were on, so may have been caught in a danger area. The TV just said something about a number of islands near India that had air force bases on them and every building on the island and all the people are gone...Try text messaging your friends if you haven't actually heard from them, it's going around that text is getting through when voice calls don't...good luck...

Oh yeah...I totally agree on your missle comment...
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