Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Okay, I killed Bill, now what?

Yesterday new year dinner party for company. Showed up for dinner on time got scowls for not being 5 minutes early, but my boss came right after I did so whatever. I hate these company things because in trying to be nice to me they put me by all the head honcho's who can't even pronounce my name and ask me questions I either can't understand or don't want to answer, then the booze starts flowing and they're all drunkenly my best pals and we should go out together or what's my family like or here eat this. They got about 4 large glasses of beer into me and I was pretty dizzy when we left and I thought I was going home after that but they dragged from me from bike to a snack bar, which is where old married japanese men go to get blowjobs from old women while singing bad karaoke, although the whole group went so it was more of a social thing since even the young married women came along. So there I had to sing of course and so I am trying to pick slow songs I know my boss might know so I do some simon and garfunkle and hes all patronizing and ooh thanks for teaching me a new song, that was great, wow, it was really long wasnt it but sugoooi! so there I sit kind of silently hating the people around me for being such...I dunno. All powerful and crazy judgmental and at the same time just shallow and transparent.

I do like my direct supervisor Fujita-san because she seems above it all. Everyone there is just really sexist and age-ist if thats a word and she just kind of puts them all in their place without doing anything, she's like a rallying point for all the women in the company, kind of an iconoclastic big sister. I really respect her for it, but I don't think she likes me very much.

So anyway when that wrapped up I'd had about 8 glasses of whiskey and wandered around niihama for a while scratching my head and wondering where Id left my bike. Instead of my bike I found an arcade and beat the hell out of people at Tekken 5 which was empowering until someone sat down and tore me apart and I ran out of money and left. Then I found my bike and went home and crashed though I woke up a few times and drank water and then I was 5 minutes late to work this morning and got the smiling patronizing faces of my oh so serious bosses who were only 12 hours prior ogling old snack bar women with their tongues hanging out. I dunno.

I hope nobody finds this blog, I should really take precautions.

But yeah, it was cool. Some of them are really nice to me, so I don't want to disparage the whole group, I think many of the people here are genuinely kind. But between my experiences with some and some of the things Fujita-san has told me about the others I really just feel like the upper management is a den of vipers.

Anyway yeah that's the corporate world in Japan and likely everywhere else in the world. Women don't sit at the same table as men, even at our weekly meeting we sit at the table while the women including fujita-san and the pregnant secretary have to drag chairs into the room and sit in the corner. At this party my one boss patronizingly told the pregnant woman in a speech that he hopes she has a healthy baby boy and that if it was a girl, well, okay, maybe it would work out. I dunno, is that normal? Should it be?

This was gonna be an upbeat entry.

Mom and Tato found the blog. So apparrently all you have to do is look up Bilokonsky, and there it is. You should probably erase all links it has to you. That's just a thought. Although, there's a good chance no one cares enough about you to look things up. Whatever.
good idea george-san

-love andrew-san
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