Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas in Japan

So I come to work this morning and ask my boss what her plans are for Christmas and such and shes like yeah well after we clean I'll blah blah blah and

Im like what? after we clean what?

and she says tomorrow is an office cleaning day.

Me too I ask? Of course she says, its a regular work day.

What? How come it isnt on my schedule? My schedule shows Christmas off...

Oh well your schedule (that I gave you) is wrong. Why, did you have plans?

Well yes I was going to go to Matsuyama with my girlfriend...I kinda made all the plans because my schedule says I have the day off.

Oh, yeah well...sorry. 8 to 5.


So that blows. I almost don't even care I just really wish that someone had bothered telling me this before Christmas Eve. My company loyalty is plummeting into uncharted depths. I should start stealing office supplies or making personal international phone calls. Or using their computers and their time to update my blog and chat with my friends...or...right.

Pat left for Canada so I live in Pats apartment and feed his cat for two weeks. This is great cuz Pats apartment is like across the street from the office. And he has satellite tv. And broadband internet. And a great shower. And he left me all his dirty dishes and no toilet paper, grr.

Yesterday I was santa claus at a party for elementary school kids in Saijo. They all loved me and kept running up and giving me hugs until some kid too smart for his own good noticed the string on my beard. After that the word spread like wildfire and the hugs became decoys to yank on my face. But I got a turkey dinner and met some gaijin in saijo, so that was cool.

Oh yeah pat also left me his car, which is cool.

I think Im glad I decided to date ayako instead of kill her or anything. She just made me terribly uncomfortable at first but now that I've gotten used to the idea of having a girlfriend for the first time in like 2 years I'm finally starting to relax around her. She seems to be one of those rare girls that is patient enough to genuinely like me, and she loves to eat even more than I do. So that's cool. She turns 24 on the day after christmas and I have 50 bucks to deal with both christmas and her birthday and food for the next 5 days. Uhboy.

Fuck work for making me work, that is so annoying.

Jackie and Tricia in Bali, maybe they will get blown up. Lots of terrorist threats there for new year and christmas and whatnot. If so I get Jackie's books, so I'm kind of ambivilant on the point. I'll probably swipe her CD's too even though Alison has dibs.

This is report writing time of the month and as usual its taking forever and driving me crazy. I am making the same mistakes, which is a terrible thing. Mistakes are fine if they are different every time, but if I fuck up the same way twice it just means I am wasting my time so that kind of makes my boss mad and me frustrated. I cant wait to come back as a JET when all I have to do is play games with kids for 7 hours a day some days and get large amounts of money. Then what studying I do will be impressive instead of worthy of derision.

I seem to bitch a lot in this blog. I really like it out here. The circles I am moving in have me feeling as at home as I ever have in my life, and the intermingling of japan and west in those circles means things are in a sort of constant flow. Now that Ayako is more solidly in the picture I expect a stronger (I almost wrote more strong) japanese presence in my life style. I do enjoy the japanese culture, though I confess it drives me crazy that they (company people) seem to resent having to expose me to it but do it enthusiastically. It makes me feel like they feel like I am wasting their time.

I look forward to Osaka for new years.

You can get a round trip out here for 650 dollars or so from cleveland if you go to I suggest you check it out. I can put you up and show the gorgeous temples and gardens and parks and such, and thats just in niihama.

Thats the work bell.

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