Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bleak vignettes of tragic endings, every card in the deck a spade.

At work. This is the day of my japanese lesson so I didn’t have to go to the beer factory this morning. I will bike out there instead of eating lunch this afternoon. Boo. My mom says I comma splice in my journal, I cannot bring myself to care, I rather like comma splicing, it provides a continuity of thought, it generates a sort of stream of consciousness narrative, if you just keep connecting sentences with commas and no conjunctions you are creating freedom, you are almost physically resisting the very notion of confinement, you are struggling for independence and honesty and truth and the very will to self-determination. Thus spoke Mykathusta.

Ha. Word thinks Mykathusta isn’t a word.

I rather like the beer factory. I am using my body to near exhaustion and then making myself work faster, it’s sort of energizing. I just pick up heavy cases of beer and put them into boxes. Sometimes I tape the boxes shut, depending on where I am on the assembly line. They rotate people in and out of lifting boxes so that nobody gets too worn out, but I really like to do it. I think it’s harder to tape the boxes, you have to concentrate on your work. But 8 hours of lifting heavy things, man, I dig it. Sort of. I’m glad it’s only a week.

What else? Not going to Osaka on Friday. Has become a cost issue. Sorry Vanv. Saturday morning will make mochi. Was not looking forward to 9am Saturday Japanese culture stuff, but Jon tells me mochi making is among the coolest things on the planet so perhaps I will approach it with an open mind. Saturday night, big exclusive party in Matsuyama. I just like saying that. I am going to an exclusive party. Eat it, suckers. Sunday afternoon, cooking class here, so I get to eat some of Pat’s roast beef. Pat is teaching cooking to my company. I kinda set it up so I can’t back out of it. Boo.

Need to get into David Bowie. Jackie explained the idea behind his theme albums, I find that brilliant. Ziggy Stardust singing to humanity 5 years before certain extinction? That’s kinda classy.

Went to bed at 830 last night. Ayako called and woke me up around 10 but I didn’t answer cuz I just wanted to sleep. She called again 20 mins later, just after I had finally drifted off. I figured it might be important, but it wasn’t. Apparently she had wanted to come over. No way says I, I am so in bed, leave me alone. Ah well.

I need to go make friends with a massage school to get free massages all the time. That would be fun. Not that I know of any such thing around here.

I am in a factory all week so I threw shaving to the winds. But today Wedenesday no comma and misspelling I am in the main building so I trimmed my facial blob to a goatee. The only one who I expect cares is Nakamoto kachou, cuz he kinda pulled me off to the side last time I was growing a goatee after getting permission and told me no except instead of saying no he said “Ah, a beard, eh?” *significant glance, significant glance, significant glance* Okay says I, I got it, fine. But today I have one. And he has not yelled at me. He probably knows that I will shave it before I come back to this office for any extended period, cuz I am a coward.

But, I still have a week and a half out of this office, so it will look nice by the time it is gone. Maybe I can play for support once it looks good. I really prefer to have facial hair, my eyebrows are too bushy and my upper lip is too thin. Plus shaving blows.

“Myk, why are you spending time writing this instead of studying japanese?” you may ask. “I thought you had a Japanese lesson this morning!”

Well I do, you nosy bastard, but it doesn’t start until 10 and I just finished all my paperwork, so piss off.

It’s close to 10 though so off I go. Ciao.

If you see kay
Tell him he may
See you in tea
Tell him from me
Are you propositioning me?
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