Tuesday, November 16, 2004

You have saved our kingdom once again. Take anything you need from the treasure room.

I sit here on my shelf, just talking to myself. My blog is spiralling into music quotes, I had commited myself against that. Curses.

I think I'll just post another sequence of short insights. It beats writing the emails I should be writing.

I like writing here over writing emails. Why? I'm not sure. It's somehow comforting that this is going to be here, maybe? Or maybe my ego cannot abide writing to a small audience than I could. Though my ego has diminished a lot.

Lsat time I wrote that I dont feel and I dont believe. I meant it when I wrote it, but afterwards as I was biking home from the computer place I was thinking about that. A year ago, that would have been true. But now I'm starting to wonder if it is. There are simply some things that make me happy, and some things that make me sad. Some things I find beautiful, and a few I find ugly. I think maybe I can feel. Or maybe I'm starting to. Or something. I mean, don't read that the wrong way, I'm still a madman. But if what I wrote before were true then my continued existance is nothing more than the product of inertia, and I'm not so sure about that. I have hopes, I have aspirations - just, nothing really specific. I want to see tomorrow.

I guess if I had to define my most pressing feeling, it would be...hmm. It'd be like that sense you get when you turned in a paper and you want to see how you did. I feel like I'm waiting for the magic morning when everything falls into place. And yet that's rubbish and I know it. If I give in to that, as I do regularly, then I am simply allowing my life to pass me buy in the same vein as any marginally handsome, marginally rich soul-less quasi-hero of oh-so-many christmas movies. So perhaps it would behoove me to be more proactive. I have taken steps. I guess I gotta build up inertia.

The British:
Here is a partial list of vocabulary you may hear from me upon my return.

Drunk is now Pissed.
Cigarettes are Fags.
I am not upset about something, I am gutted.
Joe did not mess around with Jane, Joe got off with Jane (this could mean either snarfing or shagging, interestingly enough.)
"Rubbish," used in various context, most generally as "Bullshit"
ie, that's so/such rubbish, I should have gotten a much higher score on that last song.

The Japanese:
My Japanese is of course getting better every day. You will not, however, hear it from my upon my return unless you speak japanese. If you do, well, you probably know better than I do.

Today, I woke up and felt like complete rubbish (!), I've had a vague cold for a few days, my head was stuffed. I am taking vitamin C excessively. I went to heat up my bathtub as is my wont at 6am, and blinked when I did not hear the familiar "Whoooosh" of the gas jet kicking in. Turns out my water heater is broken. I figure, okay, whatever, I won't shower. So I went to bed for another hour, woke up at 7 and felt even worse. Now, today's schedule was 8 hours on my feet in the factory wrapping plastic in plastic. A few moments of meditation on doing such a thing with a terrible sinus headache and no shower left me with no recourse. I called in sick.

That's the first time I've done such a thing, and I don't have the feeling of getting away with something, like I usually do when I call in sick. I simply felt miserable, and my condition seems to have deteriorated as the day went on, so it was a good call.

The good news, they sent someone to look at my bathtub boiler (which miraculously started working again) and he told me that yeah, it definitely is broken, in spite the fact that it may work sporadically. So, they are not going to repair it. They are going to install a real, live shower tomorrow, complete with instant hot water. This is really like Christmas, my apartment is now about 90% perfect. All I need is internet, and I'm looking into that.

I need to buy garbage bags and qtips. And water. All I have in my apartment to drink is one beer, which I have been saving for later for a few days now. So I guess sitting in my apartment all day watching movies and not drinking water was perhaps not the best way to spend my day. But on the plus side I saw The Professional and The Core, both of which I enjoyed. The Professional wasn't as mind-blowingly wonderful as I kinda had hoped. But it probably woulda been if I'd seen it 4 years ago when everyone else seems to have. The Core was a cinematic triumph, one of those films that makes you remember why you like watching movies.

No I'm kidding, the core was of course kinda bad, but I really enjoyed it.

My chamomile tea has arrived. That's better.

Miike Takashi (or Takashi Miike if you're in the West) is the order of the moment. I want to see his new movie Izo (www.izo-movie.com). A samurai, killed in the 1860's, gets stuck outside of time either from his own rage and being killed or as a sort of damnation. He pops in and out of various ages, and just kills, he is fury incarnate. Eventually, the gods take notice, as he is unravelling the natural order of things. They, led by Beat Takeshi (!!), order him to stop, but he takes no notice, going so far as to rape mother earth in his disregard for authority. So, the gods summon together the greatest warriors from every age humanity has seen in an effort to stop Izo, and the final battle will have Samurai, Ninja, Yakuza, you name it, all teaming up to destroy this manifestation of chaos and rage. This is out now. I need to figure out how to see it. But I live in shikoku. It will be in the states before it gets here.

Now I am reading IMDB and he has another movie coming soon, Yokai Daisenso. (Great Ghost War). I guess it is a remake of an old Japanese movie (like Izo is actually a sequal to an old movie, which I guess just ends with Izo dying, no grandiose extrapolations), and in this film a european vampire comes to Japan, and the various ghosts and goblins of Japan team up to drive him out. I can't wait.

I love that he has put out like 60 movies in the past ten years. Most of them are of course scheit, but even then they are interesting. I mean, I rather enjoyed Full Metal Yakuza.

Wikipedia: "Not all of Miike's films are gorefests, however. The Happiness of the Katakuris was a farcical musical comedy involving zombies."

I think I am just damned to the foreign movie section wherever I go. In the states I just watched Japanese movies, and here I just watch American movies. Kinda silly.

So Bush's cabinet walked out on him. Even Powell, who was the "liberal" of the squad. Yikes. I guess we're not fucking around this time. Condi as secretary of state? Woot.

Zach tells me Powell says he was not asked to stay, and the white house says well, he didn't ask to stay. So I think it would be rather humorous if his resignation is sort of an awkward social situation. Just passive agression and nervousness.

I have been writing this for quite some time now. I started browsing. There is a book I will probably buy, about the cinema of Takashi Miike.

I am going now. Life is good.

a lib Powell ain't
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