Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Urami Bushi

So Dragon Quest 8 comes out here on Sunday. Now, to you, that may just sound like there is another game coming out, yeah, whatever. I felt the same until I did some research.

Apparently the dragon quest games are more popular than final fantasy, hot dogs, and God put together over here. They are so popular that when the first couple came out kids would skip school and adults would skip work to buy and play them. On such a vast scale, in fact, that after Dragon Quest 4, the Japanese Diet (their congress) passed a law - and this is not a joke - that Dragon Quest games could only be released on Sundays and national holidays.

So, on Saturday night, I expect there will be lines forming outside of these stores and pouring into the streets, and by Sunday afternoon the city will be devoid of youth.

But Mykola, you ask, are you going to buy it?

Nah. I am working on a few others right now and some books, so I will resist the urge to drop what will likely be 8000 yen on yet another game that I wont understand.

Although on that note, the not understanding note, when I got here my teacher put me on level 2 japanese, kind of advanced beginner, which is fair. there are like 7 levels. she says normally to go from 2 to 3 takes about a year, but I am now at three and will likely make 6 before I am done. So I guess I must be smart. But its hard. I can do it all when I meet her but i forget, so I need to study. Boo hoo.

But she gave me a salt shaker with mickey mouse ears.

Right now, I sit at work chatting. But that's okay cuz I am on lunch break. But when lunch is over it will be not okay. But I will do it still.

Things are going well.

Swift Boat Veterans Still Hounding Kerry! I love the onion.

Jon Stewart needs to be canonized. I want him and chomsky to run for office. And then get elected and go mad, corrupted by their newfound powers, like the villains in KOTOR. I would run with this but I'd hate to ruin such a wonderful game for anyone who has not played it so go play it you sad fucks.

Almost the weekend.


Ah HA! maybe this time I'll mix it up and not respond! (even though this is indeed a response)Now what are you gonna do?
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