Sunday, November 14, 2004

Rebel Rebel Bitch Bitch

Picked up Marilyn Manson's Golden Age of Grotesque. I like how I have to run all the way to Japan to get into all this wonderful western music.

Just talked for an hour about American government and American politics. That was alright, I got fifty bucks for it. Basically just explained the division of powers, the electoral process, etc. Then talked about 2004, quick bio of bush and quick bio of kerry. Managed to make a list (albeit short) of good points about Bush, too, so it worked out alright.

I like the looks on their faces when I explain the electoral college, as it really does just not make any sense. "Right, yes, then all 21 electoral votes go to Bush. Unless one of more of them decide to vote for someone else. Yeah, they can do that. It's rare. Yeah, I know. Yes."

Thought about going into the Simpsons bit about the Aliens..."Go ahead, vote for the third party, throw your vote away!" But didn't.

Was more or less a really good weekend. Stayed up til 6am on friday night, passed out on Jackie's couch after karaoke, despite the guitar playing until 8. Jackie was telling me she is adopting me as a little brother. I seem to get that everywhere, so I have a new Romel in Japan, right. Doubt she will be as indispensible as Romel, but probably a bit more fun. Maybe I can establish foster-siblings all over the world. Hear that, George and Andrew? You're obsolete.

Got my bike back from the police (they found it. how...unlikely.) Bought 2001 (which we will watch tonight after dinner), one of my favorite films. I am really excited to see it.

Was just riding my bike around today in a dressy shirt, jeans, my red sport coat, my bono glasses and my hat. 3 days stubble. Every girl I saw smiled and waved. That was fun. Simple pleasures.

Bought the new Eminem cd. It's really just kind of bad. It sounds utterly joyless. I was really kinda disappointed. Only listened through it once, but it just wasnt any fun. Oh well.

Am undefeated in scrabble here. 3 for 3. Lets see how this keeps up.

Stomach has felt weird lately. Maybe I should stop cooking my own food and go back to processed bentos.

I am cooking tonight. Dinner is my place. Weird. Will put on Tom Waits and clean as soon as Marilyn finishes.

Feeling okay.

You're the one being adopted as a little brother. So by being a little brother you waive your place as big brother. So when your purpose and place is done away with, while I am unnaffected... what does that make you?
Your very essence is derived from your status as little brother. If I waive big brother, chum, you simply cease to exist.
Ceasing to exist doesn't really affect me all the much. You've moved down in importance, however, and therefore if you are not now obsolete, you soon will be. You're the only one effected here, so all in all I'm good. A lack of existance defies obsoletism.
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