Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Japanese Experience...

...as captured by watching alfred hitchcock movies and drinking wine.

Today was day off, so last night was kind of continuation of weekend, right. That was cool, went to Jackie's where the aforementioned hitchcock and wine went down. We watched Spellbound which was wonderful, I believe I have fallen for Hitchcock in a way I never really expected to. Pat and Alex came down and we were all sitting around chatting about various things I'll not get into, and then I had a chu-hai, which is like the fruity beer that is so popular out here. Note to self, chuuhai after a bottle of wine will knock you out. So out I was knocked, it was quite weird, woke up the next morning with a headache go figure and me and jackie watched more movies (North by Northwest which was quite good and surprisingly risque in parts, and The Cell, which was odd) and then I got invited to a birthday dinner for Naoko one of the girls out here but when I got there (against my will, really, I wanted to go home) it was discovered that it was a girls thing, kind of, and not even naoko's boyfriend was there, and I was the only one who had not known that and there were exact reservations and it was all rather embarassing and of course jackie had known the whole time but dragged me along anyway though I really shouldnt act as though I had no choice in the matter but I had gotten a free toothbrush out of it and what could I do?

Somewhere there I forgot how to punctuate. whatever.

So yeah, all my entries anymore are "watched movies and crashed at Jackie's", but I guess that's more or less what i do these days. I'm glad to have a friend who not only loves to watch films but has great taste combined with a sense of adventure in terms what we watch, so it works out really well. Though I find myself drinking often. Which doesnt bother me although I know my parents worry but I guess I am finally living the fabled "college life" that I never really bothered with at school, though I did have my nights.

This place closes in 10 so I am going to wrap this up and go to bed as I am already an hour after my bedtime. Three day week now, so that is cool. If you read this I want you to send me an email letting me know what's new wherever you are. I demand it. It is really easy. Here, I will even give you a link, right, mbilokonsky@yahoo.co.jp or bilokonsky.1@osu.edu .

You have no excuse.

And whoever that was with the advice about Ayako - Jon - I will take it into consideration. She still keeps calling me, so I suspect she is trying to keep her options open. She was quite flirty with me at Pat's the other night, after all the subterfuge. But apparently Pat and Alex have known something was up with her and drew, right, and did not tell me, so that was quite friendly, the rats. Pat tells me that she apparently thought I wasn't moving quickly enough for her, that I was too interested in getting to know her and not interested enough in shagging her, but really I'm not gonna just mess around with the first gorgeous girl that crawls into my apartment, I mean, I am a romantic, I need to like the person, right?

Though frankly I don't even know why I am talking about her, except that I can't believe how rampantly easy it would be to just get laid with a different gorgeous woman every night out here until I went home. JET, zach?


wasn't my advice, maybe Dan's
The sleeping then never talking was mine
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