Sunday, November 07, 2004

I tell you all my secrets but I lie about my past, and send me off to bed forever more...

What a great line. Tom Waits, "Tango til they're sore." My brother always quotes that line when he's drunk, I'm glad I finally stumbled upon the album it's from (Rain Dogs).

Anyway, not a big post today. It's Sunday, that means that Pat is cooking us all a delicious dinner. That's in about an hour.

I stumbled upon another really cool science news article -

How cool is that? It's like everything is going well.

Oh yeah, Bush. Ah well.

But yeah, there'll be another biggish update soon - this weekend I went to a weekend retreat for young executives in the company. I got to teach them English. I thought I did a pretty good job...though my boss, who is always my harshest critic, just said "Don't worry about it, you'll do better next time." when it was over. I was like, thanks.

The only downside of today was when they were all commenting about the video they just watched (about a world-famous kendoist) and I was vaguely paying attention and then my boss's boss was like "Mykola, what did you think?" and I was like "Huh? Oh...umm..." and proceeded to tell everyone about kendo back home and then just didn't know where to stop cuz I was so scared about being put on the spot so I went on to talk about how I wanted to practice here but haven't been going at all because I'm so tired all the time and on and on and by the time I shut up everyone was kind of shaking their heads. I think I should have said something like "Yeah, great video. Really inspirational. Cool. Thanks. Done."

Of course, it's only a problem in Japanese. I've determined that the source of my powers is the English language. Take that away and I'm just frustrated. But I have finally had the insight that I'm not here to impress anyone and fuck them, they're here for me to learn from. Today I learned I should shut up when nervous, not keep talking. Lesson learned, done.

And Kate, I promise I'll reply to your email, it was quite interesting reading. Dan, I'm glad you have a blog now. But for christ's sake email me more often.

On the highway yesterday I saw a Monkey Crossing sign. It just kind of makes me happy that such a thing exists somewhere in the world.

Rain Dog Extrodinaire

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