Monday, November 15, 2004

Full fathom five your father lies!

Not much to say today. Spent the day in a factory wrapping monitor screens. That was kind of lame. I actually wrote out a bunch of stuff in my pocket notebook when they had me sitting by myself for an hour as they decided what to do with me. But I do not have my pocket notebook with me. So oh well.

I kinda wish they were a little more organized with this internship business. I'm realizing they just kind of shuffle me around like a hot potato, where whoever has me has a day to decide how to hold me before they toss me off. Except I'm a week in this factory, so I suspect they're just going to make me do really bad manual factory work for a week. I can hardly wait. That blows, I'm not getting paid enough.

How much am I getting paid? 1000 month, 40 hours a week = 160 hours, time off for national holidays we'll see 136 hours a month. what does that add up to? Thats tricky, I cant do math. Lets try that again, let's say 32 hours a week for simplicities sake and then 250 dollars. So 250 divided by 32. We can do this. Thats about 7.80 an hour. That's not bad, but for spiritually deadening factory work, I dunno...I don't think I can be satisfied with more than 95% of the world and a place to live in exchange for a few hours of boredom. What a life I lead.

Anyway, that's a bit of a tangent.

Kate, I havent forgotten that I promised to write you an email. I will. Honest.

And those of you who arent on the facebook yet, get on it already, what's with you. You're behind the times.

I rented The Stone Roses complete disc today. Every time I hear them I like them. But the disc isnt just blowing me away like i expected.

My wisdom teeth hurt.

2001 is a good movie.

My kitchen is still a mess from cooking yesterday.

I kinda am tired in a real ennuic sense.

I am not going on crazy adventures every weekend, primarily because I volunteer to do stuff for various groups every weekend. But this weekend will be open and I think I will drag jackie and pat at least to Matsuyama if not hiroshima or osaka. That could be cool and spontaneous.

I finally turned my heater on today. I look forward to going home and walking into my bedroom and it being warm.

I have noticed that my most comfortable comments in my blog are a sentence or two long. This is as long as a thought lasts and to write more seems somehow dishonest.

My mind skips around a lot.

I rented the Professional tonight and will watch that as soon as I get back to my apartment.

I don't really mind the factory work I have ahead of me tomorrow but at the same time my legs are starting to hurt in anticipation of 8 hours standing there wrapping plastic in plastic. I will never look at a computer monitor the same way now that i know how irritating it is just to make the screen.

I am vaguely amused by that girl. sorry Zach. But apparently I am willing to sacrifice good relations with my friends on the altar of vague amusement. Next time shh.

This is Japan, why do I write about American music and British friends? Am I not immersed enough? I must not be. I will come here once more to play (read teach english) and I think it's then that I'll really rock out. This feels too much like work, kind of. I feel like I'm in Lost in Translation, right, with interesting spontaneous relationships with english speakers, but in a world that kind rages around us without our participation or understanding. And yet I straddle that fence, cuz while my Japanese is terrible it's not bad.

I don't study enough.

I don't play enough video games.

I don't drink enough when I have the chance, and drink too much when I don't.

I smoke not enough to satisfy me and too much to make me happy.

I like people smiling.

I am not happy.

I am not unhappy.

I have distilled my blog, this is all you get from here on out.

I am kidding.

It is very gratifying when someone asks to borrow your copy of Ulysses.

I cannot believe in anything or anyone, and I cannot feel anything besides the ocassional self-pity.

This only bothers me on a very simplistic, intellectual level, but I would be lying to say it makes me sad or anything. Is that wrong?

I am in an odd mood.

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