Monday, November 22, 2004

...and you shall know me by the trail of pocky wrappers.

So quick update. Had a great, very Japanese weekend. Friday was nothing spectacular, went to bar, drank heavily, went back to jackie's with karen and pat. Pat had enough of karen's yammering about 4 hours into that but I was tired (read drunk) and passed out intermittently on the couch as karen talked for 5 hours about how terrible her life was and how nobody would give her a chance. I can't believe jackie stayed up and listened to it all.

Saturday watched a movie in the afternoon (Marnie by hitchcock. Sean Connery. Weird.) Saturday night got a call from the Nova teachers (kind of the OTHER circle of gaijin) and was invited to go to a club here. There was a band and there was an all-you-can-drink (Which I didnt mean to engage in, I just bought a beer, but apparently after one drink you are in for 40 had all I could drink). The band was pretty cool, it was like out of any number of hip indie movies about hip indie people going to Japan and doing hip indie things, like watching a group of 30-something japanese hip indie people in suits singing 60's british rock (with of course a female lead). That was a lot of fun, actually. It was like the 5 6 7 8's meets the lounge band from Lost in Translation. I kinda was pissed that I spent 40 bucks, but there was no cover and I got to drink all night, so it worked out okay.

Then on Sunday I got a call at 10am to go to Matsuyama with Jackie and Tricia. Apparently, say they, there is no better cure for a hangover than a shopping trip to Matsuyama. Okay, sure. So to Matsuyama I went and saw many an interesting thing. We went to this mall type place which is basically just a couple of streets that have a roof over them, right, so it's huge and quasi-outdoor, with hundreds of little shops and restaurants and arcades. Search though I did, however, I could not find Tekken 5, which was my goal for the day. What we did find, though, was print club (print club: photo booths you go in with your friends, take a few shots with weird poses, edit them with computer graphics, print up a sheet of them and they are stickers. Very Japanese, very girly. But I have some print club pictures now.). We also went to a store called Muji ("no brand") which I guess is uber-stylish in the UK, its basically like Ikea but not just furniture there were clothes and food and all sorts of stuff, all very minimalist. I rather liked it and it was surprisingly not expensive, though my eye for expensive has adapted since being here I suppose. I bought a tiny tree. Jackie managed to destroy it in the 3 minutes I asked her to hold it, as she forgot it was a tree. "Don't give me anything living!" says she. "I'm glad it wasn't a puppy." says I.

Oh, let me back up to Saturday night briefly. Before the club was hanging out at Sophie and Ellie's place and this guy Drew gets there. He is kinda the new guy, 27 year old from Australia. And guess who came in with Drew, I was so amused I laughed out was my wayward lass Ayako, who was supposedly ill. Apparently they had gone to Matsuyama saturday - which was of course the place she was gonna take me. Hmmm...very interesting, you say. I say, bwahaha, let someone else deal with that one. Shut up, Jon.

So yeah, after Matsuyama, it was Sunday right so we did dinner and a movie as we have taken to doing on Sunday. Pat roasted a chicken with stuffing and mashed potatos and mm. I do love to eat, and Pat cooks well. It works out quite well. Then we watched Shrek II. Ayako was there and was all flirting with me, which just amuses me. Apparently there is such a thing, such a cultural phenomenon out here, as the Gaijin Stalkers. These are Japanese girls who have shaped themselves and their lives around getting Western boyfriends. It seems our good friend Ayako is one such. Ah well whatever.

Alison was there as was Tricia from out of town not our Tricia. Alison gets along with very few people because she is very picky with friends, apparently, but seems to have taken to me, jackie tells me I am very lucky and she knew alison for 6 months before they ever hung out. But yeah, Alison invited me to some exclusive party next month at some club that her boyfriend is putting together, it's all vaguely hush hush and apparently I am in the cool elite. I can dig that.

Also, I bought two books in Matsuyama. This entry is as chronologically arranged as pulp fiction being watched during Momento, right, but it's cool. I bought Virgina Woolf's Orlando and Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels. Both seem really amazing, and I was devastated to learn that Orlando was abridged. I should be more careful. Matsuyama is the only place oyu can get books in English so I was eager to make a purchase any purchase as it were.

Also, my funds are diminishing faster than good similes I can think of, so this week is Ramen week I think. Whoo.

But yeah, weekend of 60's rock covered by Japanese hipsters, and running around through video arcades and print club booths. Very Japanese weekend. Tomorrow is a day off so its movie night tonight. North by Northwest and The Cell. Cool.


Might I suggest sleeping with her and then never talking to her again?
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