Monday, October 11, 2004

Snake? Snake!!!

Tuesday October 12, 2004
Midnightish (so, Monday night)

Yeah, so I was in crappy mood so I solved it in true American fashion, I bought something expensive. :-D I am the proud new owner of a Japanese Playstation 2. But not just any playstation two, mine was a set that included the hard drive and the network adapter. I dropped 25,000 yen on it, which is about 250 bucks, which is a liiittle bit steep for that package if you get it in the states but overall not too bad, it’s a good price for here. And it’s got this dark blue/quasi transparent thing going on. I dig it.

Apparently, though, it’s not enough to have a hard drive? One still needs a memory card? That kind of blows. That means I need two, as I picked up MGS 1 and 2, and the first is for PS1, so I need one of each, so that’s 45 bucks I didn’t think I’d have to spend. Blah.

The real mistake, though, is not buying Todd’s system, cuz he was gonna sell me this particular setup for 19,000, but I opted not to cuz it seemed more than I needed, given that I have no internet at my place. But I was at the used store and a regular used PS2 goes for about 18k, and then the harddrive/network thing goes for another 100 used, so I figured I’d save some money. But yeah, whatever. I got it to throw around thanks to my proofreading efforts.

One thing that IS kind of cool is that apparently the Metal Gear games are all in English over here anyway, with Japanese subtitles. Sort of a style thing, I suppose. They ARE set in America. What’s great, then, is that surely the new one that comes out next month will be along the same lines. Now I’m excited.

I watched a movie called “Hana-bi” tonight. It’s a Japanese word that means “Fireworks,” and the film was wonderful. It was directed by and starred Beat Takeshi, who is kind of the whiz-kid of Japanese pop art over the past 30 years. He starred as the teacher in Battle Royale. Hana-bi was really good, sort of like a serious, sad Quentin Tarantino film.

Four day week this week, I’m excited. And it’s someone’s birthday on Wednesday, which likely means another expensive dinner. Groan. Oh, and Ayako, the girl I invited to dinner this evening, declined. That’s rather disappointing, but whatever. And Festivals start this week, I’d forgotten about that. That’s kind of cool, it means work is gonna be kind of a kill-time-until-going-out-drinking-and-carrying-drums-this-weekend. Oh, but that means I gotta drink and carry drums all weekend, that blows. I kinda just was already looking forward to chilling. But there’ll be plenty of that after work each day, I suppose. Gotta go get a memory card or two, then I can resume the lifestyle of a video gamer. Woot. Dan, and Jon – nobody around here seems to have or have heard of Tekken. I was very excited about practicing and coming back and kicking your arses. Kind of a shame. Maybe I’ll just get a DDR pad. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll get creative and find a wicked cool game over here that nobody has ever heard of and get great at THAT, and then NEVER play anyone in it back in the states cuz it’s Japanese-only. That’d be cool.

Gah, still vaguely cranky and now tired, and I have kendo practice in 5 hours. I really kind of wish I hadn’t gotten myself into this kendo deal here, it’s so embarrassing to go practice with these little kids, with their parents watching. And I don’t even have armor. I thought in the mornings would be adults, but apparently not. It’s just like the next age-bracket up, the junior high kids. Blah. Going to bed.

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