Wednesday, October 27, 2004 the muddle was the sounddance...

2004年10月28日 (木)、13時

So I've discovered that the most fun you can have on a computer is to check and science sections. There, you generally don't find all the stuff that makes you hate humanity - rather, every day they seem to have 400 new articles about astounding new discoveries.

For instance, you can keep tabs on this new sort of privatized space race, what with the modification of the X-prize into the X-prix, with annual awards. Or, you can read up on the fossils they found in China of a feathered dinosaur, which will possibly revolutionize the way we look at evolution. Or how about the bit about the hobbit-sized humans? They discovered a new species of human being (now extinct, as of about 18000 years ago). They hunted together, built fire, etc - but they evolved on a tiny island, which was relatively safe, so they evolved smaller, as size wasn't a prerequisite for survival. They were wiped out by a volcano, it would seem. How crazy is that, that an entire subsection of humanity - essentially a different species, with the same potential for civilization that we had - became extinct? Or last week, there was an article about the number of genes in human beings - until recently, it was believed we had between 40-100 thousand, but now they say only 20k, which puts us in the same leage as tapeworms. The difference, they say, is that human genes are more complex, more completely evolved, so each gene is capable of many different things.

That last one was cool cuz that night I went home and beat metal gear solid 2, where one of the "facts" they spit out at the end is that the number of genes is actually much higher, like 100k as was originally announced, but that scientists in the early 21st century (this was still the future, this game is a couple of years old) then announced that there were only about 20k. So while I highly doubt that there's a conspiracy to conceal the number of genes in the human body, I find it eerie that I'm living in a "history" mapped out a few years ago in a video game. Raiden, the character, was like "yeah, I remember hearing about that on the news, that there were only 20k." That was weird.

So all this week I am working on writing my report for the month of October. It's all well and good, but it takes forfucking ever. I can do okay in a conversation in Japanese at this point, the speed of my hearing has improved tremendously and my vocabulary has increased a lot as well. But when it comes to writing - well, I dunno, there are differences. Just like in English, you can learn to speak the language and not have any idea how to write a report. That blows - I am really good at writing reports so I write all of mine pretty conversationally and if anyone gets pissed I tell 'em to fuck off, but I can't do that in Japanese until I master the written form, and that takes a while. I'm theorizing.

Not much else new to report. Life is kinda slow and tiresome between weekends. Starting monday, I begin a month at Nissen Chemical, the next block of the company. It'll be good to get a change of scene like that, I look forward to it.

This weekend is Halloween, so we'll see what happens. There is some drama going on (of course) so it's going to be more complicated than I would like. I'll be happy sitting in my apartment with a friend or two and a bottle of booze. Not sure what's going with this girl (my girl?) Ayako, haven't had a chance to speak with her since Monday night.

Just bought a new video game, Phantom Brave. It's from the people who made Disgaea, which was great, and this game also looks great. No english, but I'm getting by with about 70% comprehension, I think. It doesn't rush through conversations, so I have time to read em and look up words and such. It's kinda good practice. I just wish I wasn't so damn tired at night.

My new policy, though, is bed by 11 on worknights. I'm still kinda tired, so I'll try this for a week and then maybe do bed by 10. It really is kind of a switch from the college life to this one - I didn't think it would be, right, cuz Ive had 830 classes all year so its not so different, right? But after class, I go home. That's the difference. And in class, it doesn't so much matter what I do, as long as I'm there. Here, though, is like a year-long Japanese test, where I have to not only be present (early, actually) but fully able to perform all of my duties. It really is kind of a bitch.

Oh, and kendo. I haven't even gone this month. I just have no energy, and that's bad. I need to get my shit together and start practicing so I can go home and kick ass.

Anyway, they just turned the lights on, so lunch break is over. Peace.

If you wanna read a crazy/creepy article, check this out.

Scientists have successfully grown a rat brain in a lab and made it fly an F-22 simulator. They are speculating that this will allow them to build neuron- and brain-based devices. Creepy.

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