Monday, October 11, 2004

I like you like she like he like chicken bone...

Monday, 11 October1500, at my apartment
So let’s see if in one fell swoop I can catch up with today. As I recall, I have taken us through the weekend after the mud, wrapping up with proofreading.
That Monday, I went to work and was going to start in the Construction section but they were all really busy still with Typhoon stuff so I sat around my main office. Writing my report. Bleh.
Tuesday morning, I got up for kendo, and went down there – and there was no teacher. There was practice, but no teacher, so nobody could unlock the showers, so I went home, cuz I’m not about to go to work after kendo practice with nary a shower. Then I was late on my first day in the Construction block because my shower takes so damn long and I was banking on taking one there. Ah well.
Anyway, I got to construction, the boss mispronounced my name when he introduced me, and they sat me at an empty desk in a corner. Eventually, same came over to talk to me, and he was gonna explain various stuff about company history but between my lack of language skills and the fact that we weren’t actually going out to the various sites to look around, we opted instead on a let’s-not-and-say-we-did approach which worked out nicely. That afternoon, he introduced me to the guys who did architecture and planning and whatnot, and sat me down at a computer with a CAD program on it.
When I got up from said computer on Friday, I had met my requirements and completed a model of my parent’s house, my house in Columbus, and my dream house. It was kind of like a week-long computer kindergarten. We were not impressed.
Oh, and the reason I had the bit of my journal handwritten was that I had nothing to do at first when they just sat me at that empty desk. So I handwrote a page of journal.
Other excitement, Wednesday night went out for Alex’s birthday. Korean food and a bar, running me about 60 bucks, was a bit steep. But it was a good time, and I got to talk to a bunch of girls so it’s all good, right?
Got home around 2, skipped kendo the next morning, back to the grind as it were.
So yeah, kind of a slow week. That brings us through this weekend, where not much of anything really happened, there was some vague sitting around in apartments. Ayako came down from Saijo to hang out both nights. Last night was “Guys night”, but I’m not even gonna get into that. Today, though Monday, is a holiday, which is cool. Had a 12 hour proof-reading session yesterday, where these women kept insinuating that my wording wasn’t subtle enough, and that the 3 line sentence they had for “It was him!” implied the careful Japanese subtlety and craft that us westerners couldn’t get. They paid me, though, so it’s cool. And that brings us to today. I just emailed Ayako to ask her to join me for dinner, so maybe I’ll do that tonight. Maybe I’ll just sit around. I’m feeling kinda pissy.

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