Sunday, September 12, 2004


I have arrived in Niihama. I have about 15 pages of journal typed out at home, gotta bring that to work to upload it to this journal. In the meantime, you can all call me and it won`t cost me a cent. Simply dial the japan country code (I wanna say 0081, but I`m not sure...) and then my cell number is 090 1175 9071.

I get off work at 5pm here, which is, I believe, 4am your time. So call me then. :-D

Also, if you want to email me, the best way to reach me is

That goes to my cell phone, which doubles as my only connection to the outside world when I`m not at work. I have no net at my apartment (hell, I don`t even have hot water), so I can be a bit hard to reach. But I`ve always got the phone, and any contact would be appreciated.

Okay, now I gotta take off. I`ll put up more information soon.

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