Sunday, September 26, 2004

For the record...

...I wrote about 5 more pages last night, but it was mostly just whining cuz I was in a cranky mood, so I'm not going to bother posting it. I've posted enough whining in recent days. I guess having serious discussions with intelligent people just inevitably kinda makes you depressed a bit, right?

But anyway, I think that's done. Now I need to turn my attention to the more serious problem of why exactly my DVD player on my laptop won't play right. God damn it, I wanna watch movies, playing final fantasy 5 all day is fun but it's in Japanese and I just wanna break already! Gaaah!

...But I downloaded 6, also in Japanese, for when I finish. It's my favorite game, I might as well play it in the original, right?

So in case you're curious, I'm right now working on my daily report, for last friday. So's ya'll can see what I do every day, I'll post it in here. So far my duties at work have consisted primarily of writing reports about what I did that day.

So here's friday's, sorry if you can't read it, as it's, ya know, in Japanese. They're usually a bit longer, but I have decided to be a bit more reasonable in terms of report length, and there's just no need for the kind of detail I usually include.

1. 始業: 7時50分から8時30分まで

2. 中予の訪問: 8時30分から4時30分まで



This has not yet been editted by my boss, so the Japanese may well be terrible, but there you go, hot off the presses.

Anyway, time to get to work on my month report. That's gonna be a bitch. Adios.

hurray for rajiotaiso.

i think bellinger-san has disappeared cuz i know where he was supposed to be living and he's not living there and he wasn't in the orientation for 5th year. ODD!

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